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Devil’s Peak, In Theaters Now

Devil's Peak

Sometimes Family Is Nothing More Than A Word

By Christine Josey

Devil’s Peak is a tense thriller set in the Appalachian Mountains about a family dominated by a crime lord who controls his family and his business with his fists. When his son meets the girl of his dreams, desperately wanting to escape the life he is expected to lead and free himself from the clutches of his father, he is forced to go head to head with the terrifying man who will stop at nothing to ensure loyalty from all of those around him.

Actor Billy Bob Thornton, who starred in films The Gray Man, Bad Santa, and Monsters Ball, just to name a few, plays the bald, tattooed father of the character name Charlie. He nails being an abusive father that alternates between punches and hugs.

Hopper Penn, who starred in Let Me Go (The Right Way), Signs of Love, and Flag Day, plays the role of Jacob McNeely. His character works as a mechanic and is son to the character Charlie.

Devil's Peak

Brian D’Arcy James, who has been in films such as She Came to Me, West Side Story, and The Cathedral plays the role of Bo, a local councilman with big ambitions.

Actor Jackie Earle Haley known from Shutter Island, 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Watchmen, plays the local sheriff, who turns a blind eye to Charles’s activities. Finally, there’s Actress Robin Wright, who is known for many films such as Wonder Woman, A Christmas Carol, and Forrest Gump. She portrays the role of the mother Virginia, an addict and prostitute who comes home years after abandoning her family.

The film Devil’s Peak is directed by an award-winning writer/director Ben Young who began his career acting on screen at the age of 12. His feature-length debut as a director was Hounds of Love (2016), followed by his second film EXTINCTION (2018). Devil’s Peak is his third feature-length film to date. 

Devil’s Peak premiered in U.S. cinemas on February 17th, and a digital release was on February 24th. An Australian release date will be announced soon.

Devil's Peak

Devil’s Peak (2023) Official Curmudgeon Films Trailer

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