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Welcome Villain’s Hunt Her, Kill Her Is Hitting Theaters March 3

Welcome Villain

Her Job Doesn't Pay Enough

Welcome Villain Films launched last year with the hope to give fans the best movies around, and on March 3, they’re going to release their first movie. Hunt Her, Kill Her is a chilling new horror movie that will be released in theaters in just a few days, with an at-home digital release to follow soon after. The new studio looks to come out swinging, and based on the first trailer for their debut film, they will do just that.

Hunt Her, Kill Her follows Karen, a newly employed night shift janitor who hopes to have a basic first night on the job but soon finds herself in a harrowing fight for survival. That goes out the door when masked intruders invade the building she’s supposed to be cleaning, setting off a deadly game of cat and mouse. As their motives become clear, Karen must use her instincts to return their barbaric violence right to them if she hopes to make it through the night alive.

Welcome Villain

Ryan Thiessen and Greg Swinson serve as the directors of Hunt Her, Kill Her. This will be their second outing as partner directors, with their first film having been 2006’s Five Across the Eyes. Following Welcome Villain’s acquisition of the new film, they partnered with the film production team (Trauma One Entertainment) to provide the directing duo with the resources necessary for them to finish their film to their creative vision.  

Both Swinson and Thiessen spoke on their partnership with Welcome Villain, saying, “We poured years of blood, sweat, and tears into making Hunt Her, Kill Her the most thrilling experience, and we’re excited that our film has found a team to support a proper release and get it in front of audiences nationwide. Welcome Villain is the perfect partner because they are passionate about genre films and committed to getting this in front of the widest possible audience.”

Hunt Her, Kill Her stars Natalie Terrazzino (The Last Movie Star) as Karen. The film will also feature the acting talents of JC Oakley III (Southern Gothic), Larry Bunton, Phillip Zimny, and Trevor Tucker, although it is unclear who is playing the killers. Viewers will just have to find out for themselves when Hunt Her, Kill Her hits theaters on March 3rd.

Welcome Villain

Hunt Her Kill Her (2023) Official Welcome Villain Trailer

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