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The Top 10 Most Profane Films

Profane Films

We Only Use Foul Language Here

“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” – Mark Twain.

The National Institute of Health and the Sage Journals, British research journals, recently cited research stating that profanity can offend consumers. However, profanity used to describe products can positively affect sales in response to marketing. In addition, profanity used to review products expresses value to consumers because they effectively convey meaning. Apparently, people use and hear profanity more than ever. Profanity in any positive light is a new perspective considering previously profanity was considered antisocial and offensive. 

Also, according to the N.I.H., verbal vulgarity has been shown to improve social connections and lower physical pain possibly. Also, a resource with the Sage Journals says that profanity arouses emotions. Responses including sweating, increased heart rate, and fight or flight responses may measure these emotions. The Sage Journals, Journal of Marketing Research outcomes beat the heck out of being called a “foul-mouthed” person. What does that even mean, anyway? Do people use bird language when they swear? It doesn’t even make sense. Scientists often speak of profanity regarding verbal abuse, but much of the profanity-using public are peace-loving individuals who just use “foul-language” to de-stress. 

Not only that, but research suggests that people who use profanity are often some of the most honest people around. So, when profanity stars heavily in the best movies, it makes the honest, the advertisingly talented, and the offensive very peace-loving. In celebration of the feel-good filth of the entertainment industry, here is a list of some of the most profane movies ever to grace the silver screen with peace, love, and happiness.     

10. The Evil Wonder of Demons Rejected by the Devil 

Profane Films

If the likes of Sid Hague, Bill Mosely, and Sherri Moon Zombie don’t haunt your brain with long lists of the profane, then the very bloody shoot-out early in the film should. Shouldn’t a cannibalistic family called Firefly tell you something about their linguistic intentions? If nothing else, a clown with stained, dirty teeth and a penchant for fried chicken as Father Knows Best, or a beautiful blonde named Baby, who has no problem whatsoever killing a half-naked woman by throwing a knife at her chest, should tell you right away that these people are profane as profane will ever be. A little psychopathic, a little theatrical, and a bit sexually charged, as with other horror movies, there are at least 560 swear words in this gem.

9. Fiction Confidential of the Pulp Variety and Tarantino Too 

Profane FilmsFour seemingly unrelated stories and several seemingly unrelated characters weave in and out of each other’s lives to create stories of violence, and redemption is how IMDb relates Pulp Fiction to its plot. It uses violence as a significant theme. As far as redemption as a theme in this classic film, that remains to be seen. One very clear thing is using profanity to connect emotions from one character to the other. Using a story of holding a family heirloom in one’s anal cavity to keep it safe from enemies during a bloody war is one way to use violence to connect to other characters. Employing approximately 265 f-bombs to create an ambiance within a film could be another. 

8. The Spotting of the F@$%ing Eye-Opening Heroin Train

Profane FilmsAhhh, Trainspotting. The repulsive Scottish epic is a profanity lover’s dream. There is not only the indelible toilet scene and a great yearning for absolution and change, but also a sh@tload of profanity. If you like gore, slimy bodily fluids, the flagrant littering of illegal substances, and disappointing scenarios, then Trainspotting is the film for you. 

With 23 film award wins and 35 nominations from an extensive array of reputable awards associations, there is no way to go wrong. There is something for everyone here. The best of all is that to help market the film, relieve stress, decide if this film is suitable for whoever wants to watch, and to help keep you honest, there are 170 f-words in this one. That’s 170 f-words alone, not counting any other profanities that grace the silver screen and this fantastic screenplay. 

7. The Amusing Quotes of the Extra Profane Fellas

Profane FilmsGoodfellas, arguably among Martin Scorsese’s best films to date, is unbelievably popular. Compared to other movies powered by Scorsese, this film is slower-paced, has a more cynical tone, and is more focused on the unimaginable guilt mobsters may contend with. Much of Scorsese’s work includes profanity and blood, and no less than three of his films, so far, are in the list of top 20 most profane films.

With its dark humor and 300 f-words, there really is no comparison. And on top of that, those 300 f-words that assist you in tension relief, growing honesty, marketing skills development, and socialization will entertain anyone who watches the film. Of course, although Scorsese seems to appreciate profanity and violence, his movies are always full of quality aspects

6. Zero Profanity Focus Would be Next to Nil by Mouth

Profane FilmsFor as little as this film is known, it’s one of the most exciting of the bunch. Directed by none other than Gary Oldman himself and with a soundtrack by Eric Clapton, this film was created by some of the most brilliant artists of our time. Still, Nil by Mouth has plenty of profanity to go around. 

The thing about profanity in this movie is that it plays a vital role in setting the atmosphere. The film is extremely dark and sad. The plot concerns a man named Raymond, who is violent and cold to his large family, who live in a flat with him in a working-class neighborhood in London. The language helps the audience better understand the family’s desperation, sadness, violence, anger, and hopelessness. Raymond gives no emotional support to the family, making life harder for them. The profanity used is realistic, but it also helps the audience better understand the misery and dejection lived by family members every day. Of course, there is a purpose to the profanity. Everything in this film has a meaning behind it. According to IMDb, Nil by Mouth uses the f-word 428 times or 3.34 times per minute. 

5. No Profanity is a Devastating Summer of Sam Fail

Profane FilmsSummer of Sam is a film by Spike Lee, including 315 f-words, 60 s#&t words, ten synonyms for male genitals, d*ck, and c*ck, four swear words for female private parts, p*ssy, c*nt, and tw*t, 15 hells, seven asses, five a$$holes, three S.O.B.s, one damn, and a partridge and a pear tree. This film is Spike Lee’s retelling of the Son of Sam murders in New York City in the Summer of 1977. 

The residents of an Italian-American neighborhood in the Northeast section of the Bronx grow to distrust each other and live in fear as time passes in the city. Swear words in the Summer of Sam describe the desperation and horror as neighborhood residents feel more and more anguish in seeing friends and family members get served up on a platter to a psychopath who murders more and more innocents.  

4. Santa Claus, Stop with the Bloody Profanity Thing Already

Profane FilmsChristmas Bloody Christmas is quite the attention seeker. This is the story of a department store, robotic Santa Clause, that goes wild and on a killing spree in his small town. According to the local news, the mechanical Santa has been recalled. This horrifying Santa goes killing indiscriminately as a young woman, who is not a fan of Christmas, works to stop the robot’s killing. The United States Department of Defense has spent millions to create this animatronic Saint Nick, and the store he works at is called T.W. Bonkers. That’s right, folks, whatever the purpose of this Santa, he is only half real. Tori is a charming townie who watches as the animatronic Santa kills her neighbor, a little boy. 

This film is quite the adventure as even in the trailer, one can hear the squelch of blood as Santa violently pulls his axe out of a previously living human being. The little innocent child shyly questions, “Santa?” Shortly after that, our Christmas hero is seen stalking the town with green lasers shooting from his eyes as he looks to remove his ax from that moment’s victim. This one really is fun but very, very bloody. This film has 487 swear words, equal to about 5.6 swear words per minute.

3. Stupid Wolf! Stay the Hell off my Heart, Wall Street

Longest FilmsThe Wolf of Wall Street is not a new film, so it should come as no surprise as we meet Jordan Belfort’s (Leo DiCaprio) rise as the newest wealthy stockbroker in town. What’s the twist? This is not your everyday, average stock broker; make it big story. Jordan Belfort runs a “pump and dump” scam out of an old building by selling penny stocks to the wealthiest customers. Through clever salesmanship and dishonesty, Jordan Belfort creates plenty of wealth for his motley crew of hedonistic salesmen. For Jordan himself, engaging in every hedonism he can find is just the beginning. With this in mind, it is obvious why including 506 f-words in the film would increase understanding. 506 f-words equate to 3.81 swear words per minute. 

2. Whitey Bulger and the Frightening Profanity of the Mob 

Profane FilmsBlack Mass is the feel-good film an audience needs to help educate itself on the fun-loving and general all-around good guy persona of mafia son, Whitey Bulger. The charming Whitey is the brother of a state senator, an F.B.I. informant, and one of the most violent criminals in South Boston. Played by the always dapper Johnny Depp, through this film, Whitey was able to warn common folk like us not to f@#k with the mafia. 

By the way, he took on the F.B.I., his brother, and other mafia families to take down other family members trying to take over his turf. It’s no surprise that the film included the f-word 234 times. This profanity helped create the feeling of danger and dread in the movie. 

1. Actors Took Their Places and Swore the Night of a Lifetime

Profane Films…and drumroll, please! The number one swearingest film on our list is In Swearnet: The Movie. This film holds the Guinness Book of World Records record for the movie with the most swear words to date. According to the IMdb parental guide, this film features the f-bomb 935 times; by far the most swear words known to man in a movie. That doesn’t even include other swear words that could be in the language. The makers of this film really outdid themselves. 

In this film, actors host a live internet show to launch their new video website. In the peace-loving country of Canada, Trailer Park Boys, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, and Mike Smith host this profanity mukbang live kickoff of their web-based Swearnet network. According to the IMdb parental guide, Swearnet Live has a rare NC-17 rating because of this unending limit of profanity.  

Concluding the Swear Word Fest of Extra Profanity

There you go, my young friends. That is the list of most verbally profane films of all time (so far). Profanity is a gift to those who know how to use it for what it’s best used to create. Profanity can help you be more honest, increase your marketing prowess, allow you to expend much-needed release of stressors, and even help decrease physical pain. Or, it could help you emphasize what needs emphasis most. Heck, even Mark Twain understood the importance of profanity. It’s hard to imagine films, or more importantly, horror films, without profanity. 

Thriller author Mike Pace said this of profanity in his stories: “…you can’t have a hardened serial killer who just escaped from prison say, ‘”Jeepers, those darn police are still on my tail!”‘ You want your story to be realistic. One device which I found helpful is the profanity cut-off. When a tough guy in a stressful situation might naturally drop the F-bomb, you can cut him off: The bullet sliced through Dak’s hand, sending the Glock spinning across the floor. ‘”Fu—!”‘ Yes, that’s a great idea, Mike, but why not let the profanity fly if it can add so many other benefits! 

You can watch Swearnet Live on Prime Video for free with a free trial of the Shout! Factory TV channel.

Swearnet: The Movie (2014) Official Entertainment One Trailer

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