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Malum Trailer Disturbs as Reboot to Last Shift


See More of The Indie Cult Horror’s Story in Anthony DiBlasi’s Reimagining

Indie horror film, Last Shift found its sweet spot and popularity on Amazon Prime back in 2014. It is a small movie that packs a punch and has it all. Empty, liminal hallways, jail cells, and locker rooms, eerie young girls singing hymns with no known origin, and last but not least, only a briefly discussed and terrifying cult. After the wild ride director Anthony DiBlasi took viewers on with Last Shift, it was a ride that felt like it needed a second go around. From the looks of Malum’s trailer, audiences are going to get just that!

Original Director & Writers Return To The Reboot

Reboots usually boast a different director, and possibly writers as well. That is not the case for 2023’s Malum. Anthony DiBlasi is returning to expand on his 2014 work and is bringing co-writer Scott Poiley along with him. Welcome Villain Films brings the horrifying expansion of this mysterious cult and police station to a theatrical run starting March 31st. DiBlasi and Poiley are looking to delve deeper into this bloody group and provide a possible connection to the Loren family and the chaos.


An Expansion to a Horrifying Mystery 

Malum’s trailer opens with a new rookie cop, Jessica Loren, played by Jessica Sula, a character originally portrayed by Natalie Harkavy in 2014. Loren is steadied with purpose, as she explains to the cop leaving before her, that this is the station her infamous father worked at, and she wants to walk the halls as he did, “If only for one night.” Now alone, deranged images pop up on her laptop screen after she puts in a thumb drive. Her father has a connection to this cult and she is determined to find out what. Who is responsible? What is their mission? Is there a reason for all of the destruction? The trailer hints at other locations possibly being in the mix besides just the decommissioned police station. Or does it? Sula’s officer Loren is thrown headfirst into bloody disorder, religious imagery, and buckets of blood, as she willingly takes the last shift to find the answers she’s been longing for. 

Fans of the cult horror flick, Last Shift, who are also looking for answers, as well as  newcomers to the story, can catch Malum in theaters starting March 31st, 2023. Start your shift with the trailer below!


Malum (2023) Official Welcome Villains Films Trailer

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