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The Remarkable Other-Worldly Spirit Power of Nick Groff

Spirit Power

Nick Groff has Remarkable Star Power in His FilmRise True Crime Show "Death Walker"

“Can something from the beyond physically harm the living?” -Nick Groff of Death Walker

It all happened in the blink of an eye; the inimitable Nick Groff’s life changed forever. He looked into the eyes of a spirit at Linda Vista Hospital in East Los Angeles during a Ghost Adventures lockdown. The details are burned into Groff’s memory, and obviously, they would stay with him forever. Details include the clothes the spirit was wearing, the color of its eyes, and the expression on its face. The deep scar that circles his bicep is another memory of that experience that embeds itself in his memory. The Ghost Adventures crew was spelunking into the belly of that hospital. This is an experience Groff will remember vividly for the rest of his life. 

Born in San Jose, California, and raised in New England, Nick’s been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood. His passion for horror movies, and some inexplicable experiences within his home, interested him first in the paranormal. Among his past film projects, there is the movie he wrote and directed, Malevolence (2004), and the TV shows he executive produced: Travel Channel’s Vegas Stripped (2012) and Destination America’s Ghost Stalkers (2014). Groff’s projects are syndicated in over 50 countries worldwide! Groff travels the world in search of discovering new findings within the unknown.

Amid the now empty glass cabinets, the tiles, pastel paints, and past its prime surgery lighting equipment, a female spirit now stood. This kind of event is an example of experiences throughout Groff’s life. He believes this impacted everything in his life from that time to now. Three specific Linda Vista spirits are sighted: a small girl in the surgical room, a young woman paces the third-floor hallway,  and the spirit of an orderly still makes his daily rounds.

Spirit Power

Death Walker Shows Nick Groff’s Awesome Spirit Power

The basis of his success is everywhere. Groff’s projects are syndicated in countries all over the planet. Groff now travels the world to discover new supernatural encounters with which he can use his latest knowledge and research to gain even more understanding. Nick believes that television cannot capture all experiences or visible ones. He conveys the need to share his experiences and history with the readers of his book, Chasing Spirits: the Building of the Ghost Adventures Crew. Due to his continuous work, fans or students of the supernatural can glean all the benefits. 

He almost killed himself when he fell from a tree in his family’s backyard. He was eight years old, the official start of his mystical journey. He claimed to have seen a ghostly black figure when he was ten. It was easy to doubt himself at the time. In terms of education, Nick studied film at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In his book, Chasing Spirits, Nick looks at some of his most astonishing experiences caught on-camera, examining the gear used in Ghost Adventures and the crew’s charming but somewhat over-zealous competitive relationships. 

Groff, well-known for Ghost Adventures, examines the origins of America’s most famous haunted centers of activity, along with historical information on the locations and the most novel technology to catch a ghost in the act. So, “Can something from the beyond physically harm the living,” is a question Groff sets off to examine, among other paranormal questions. Any fan of the supernatural is compelled to watch this series, if not just for the knowledge shared if nothing else.  

You can watch Nick Groff for free in his new series Death Walker on FilmRise True Crime YouTube Channel or the FilmRise True Crime Channel on your smart TV’s app store. Also, you can purchase Nick Groff’s book, Chasing Spirits: the Building of the Ghost Adventures Crew, on Amazon. 

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Spirit Power

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