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Demi Lovato Releases New Single for “Scream 6”

Demi Lovato

Who’s “Still Alive” in the Franchise?

Demi Lovato is on a roll this year! From releasing their 2022 album, HOLY FVCK, to teasing their newest song, “Still Alive” for Scream 6, the Disney Channel alum has definitely returned to their hard rock roots. What better way to do that than to make a single solely for this year’s hottest horror movie? 

The “Skin of My Teeth” singer shared a poster via Instagram in February that looked exactly like the entire Scream 6 cast’s posters — holding the knife with Ghostface’s reflection. While some fans were initially confused at the photo (hoping that this was Lovato’s announcement of a possible cameo in the movie), the pop star was actually just hinting at their new single. Nevertheless, fans shouldn’t lose hope! After all, Lovato is an actress as well, and anything is possible in the Paramount Pictures franchise. 

Shortly after sharing that iconic poster with fans, Lovato later shared a glimpse into what appeared to be a music video for the single “Still Alive”. In one behind-the-scenes clip that Demi shared via Instagram, it appeared that the rocker was about to stab someone with Ghostface’s knife. In another shot, it looked like Lovato put the killer’s mask on.

Demi Lovato

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the “29” artist dipped their toe into a horror film, since they’ve shared many Halloween and gothic pictures via social media, establishing that as their main image. Not only that, but Lovato has quite the set of vocal pipes, and they can sing just about anything. Why not a head-banging, hard rocker, horror film song? 

Scream 6 is about to hit theaters soon — March 10th to be exact — and fans are both excited yet cautious about the new flick. Scream queen Neve Campbell backed out of the project last year due to conflicting pay negotiations, and who can blame her? The Scream franchise star deserves an amount that reflects her time and sacrifices as the franchise’s heroine. 

Nevertheless, production forged ahead and stars from 2022’s Scream including Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera are returning to the big screen, not to mention Hayden Panettiere as well. Throughout its teaser trailers and posters, Paramount promises that this “isn’t like any other Ghostface,” and that its New York City setting establishes a set of “new rules” for the masked serial killer. Who knows what audiences are walking into? 

They can only find out on March 10th, and Demi’s single, “Still Alive,” was released on March 3rd, 2023. 

Demi Lovato

“Still Alive” (2023) Official Music Video

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