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Bed Rest’s Lori Evans Taylor Joins DTL!

Best Rest

Lori Evans Taylor Talks About Her Film, A Personal Project a Decade in The Making

On a previous episode of Dead Talk Live, Lori Evans Taylor spoke on all things creepy and maternal for her film Bed Rest that was a decade in the making.

Bed Rest follows Julie and Daniel as they embark on a new start for their once again growing family. A new house, new town, and a new pregnancy create a bright, and hope filled beginning for the Rivers, and for audiences. Yet when Julie, (played by Scream’s Melissa Barrera) begins the long haul of bed rest, terrifying hauntings begin to darken their new found light. Her husband Daniel, played by Guy Burnet, struggles to know who to trust – logic, or his wife’s word? Furthermore, is it in her head? Or is it in their home?

Taylor comes to writing this personal story with experience in spades. She has directed theater, and been a writer and producer in television for years. This is her first feature directorial debut. When asked where the journey of Bed Rest started, she recalled that she first wrote it in 2015, so Bed Rest has been quite the journey to get made. Lori Evans Taylor mentioned that Project X jumped in and “really championed her and her story.” Lori revealed that Project X was actually working on the 2022 Scream film at the time, and that’s how they found Bed Rest’s leading lady in Melissa Barrera. Lori elaborated how Barrera was very “willing to go where the character needed her to go.” 

Best Rest

The film touches on some difficult and not usually explored themes of postpartum psychosis and pregnancy related mental health journeys. These are themes that Hollywood tends to not give space to. Having gone through the passage of pregnancy and motherhood herself, Taylor really strived to show this path, and explore the elements of grief and postpartum depression and how one gets to the other side.

Best Rest 

Being a fan of both Hitchcock and the horror genre, Lori Evans Taylor made sure to keep Bed Rest’s ending a mystery until the very last moments! After enjoying Bed Rest, viewers won’t have to wait long to see more of Taylor’s anxiety-inducing writing, as she is also one of the co-writers for Final Destination 6. Bed Rest can be streamed for free on Tubi. 

If you happened to miss this episode of Dead Talk Live, the full interview with Lori Evans Taylor can be found below. 

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