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Cinedigm Disregards Content Agreement With Dead Talk Media

Cinedigm Dead Talk Media

Cinedigm Ignores Agreement Remove Dead Talk Live Content After Several Requests

In 2020, John Vizaniaris launched his television show Dead Talk Live, which quickly became an entertainment phenomenon. In only a few short years, the show amassed a global audience on numerous streaming services, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Twitch, Linkedin, and TikTok. John also founded Dead Talk Media, an entertainment media production and distribution company. 

Dead Talk Media signed a streaming distribution deal with Cinedigm in March of 2021, launching Dead Talk Live on Screambox in August of the same year and affiliate streaming outlets such as Prime Video and Roku to name a few.

However, in the fall Cinedigm neglected to correct or address stark differences between contractual obligations and real-world deliverables, including not adhering to the reporting schedules outlined in the contract nor transparency surrounding financial reports. Additional concerns dismissed by Cinedigm were organizational errors of episodes within seasons as well as missing episodes. 

Although outlined in the distribution agreement, Cinedigm’s President Gary Loffredo and Chief Operating Officer Yolanda Macias ignored repeated requests for an audit, prompting Dead Talk Media to file a lawsuit against Cinedigm Corporation in May of 2022 for breach of contract. 

The Southern District of New York Federal Court saw grounds to terminate the distribution contract for failure to correct contractual breaches within 30 days of Cinedigm being notified of the aforementioned concerns. However, Cinedigm has continued to distribute Dead Talk Live episodes on their streaming platforms, ignoring an agreement to have the content removed after several requests. 

“Cinedigm has disregarded an agreement where the issues in dispute are laid out in black and white. Cinedigm continues to air Dead Talk Live episodes to this day even though the contract has been terminated.” – John Vizaniaris

Dead Talk Media will continue to pursue Cinedigm in the New York State Court until they get all their property back.

In response, Cinedigm issued a statement claiming they will pursue legal recourse, though no mention of when Dead Talk Media’s content will be removed from their platforms as decreed in the termination agreement.

In the meantime, Dead Talk Media Dead Talk Live continues to host quality live celebrity interviews with an array of artists, producers, writers, actors, and directors.

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