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Scream VI Spoilers

Scream VI Spoilers

Who Lives? Who Dies? Who’s Ghostface?

There’s only one thing audiences expected with Scream VI: the absence of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). After the actress announced in 2022 that she would not return to the franchise due to a pay dispute, fans were heartbroken and unsure if they could watch another installment without her. After all, Scream wouldn’t be what it is without Campbell’s Sidney. However — as Hollywood always says — the show must go on. 

Scream VI begins with a different bang; it’s nothing we’ve seen before in any of the other films, and it proves to the audience that they’re in for a new kind of ride. So, why is this time around “unlike any other Ghostface,” as Paramount Pictures teased? Does anyone die as our favorite Dewey Riley (David Arquette) did in 2022’s Scream

Here is a full rundown of what happens in Scream VI!

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Scream VI. Proceed with caution. 

Who Dies?  

Quite a few faves get stabbed and slashed in this installment — yes, even legacy characters. 

Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown) encounters Ghostface on a subway, and apparently, no one else on the train hears or sees this poor girl getting stabbed in the gut. Would this happen in reality? No, probably not. However, the movie plays around with how chaotic crowded trains can get in New York City, so the masked killer uses this to their advantage. 

Nevertheless, the horror enthusiast, fortunately, does not die after her friend Ethan Landry (Jack Champion) helps her off the subway and calls for help. 

Pretty soon, though, Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) has a major faceoff with Ghostface in her own luxurious Manhattan apartment. The killer seemingly stabs and kills her new boyfriend, and eventually, her. The audience watches Gale slip into unconsciousness after the killer goes for her gut, which is never a good sign. 

Have no fear though because Gale is later confirmed to be in recovery. 

Next up are Chad Meeks-Martin (Mason Gooding) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). Both suffer from serious wounds but somehow end up alive in the end. 

The good news is — aside from how 2022’s Scream broke every Dewey fan’s heart — no beloved character dies in this film!  

Who is in a Relationship?  

Nobody comes to watch a horror film for just thrills and chills. Something hopeful needs to be thrown into the mix as well, which is why romance is a key factor. Sam Carpenter’s (Melissa Barrera) sister, Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega), starts falling for her buddy Chad. (Cue the “awws.”)

After he saves Tara from drunkenly hooking up with a bad dude at a party, Chad almost kisses Tara until her roommate Quinn Bailey (Liana Liberato) walks in on them, stopping the cute moment. Sadly, Quinn is later horribly killed by Ghostface. (Or is she?) Toward the end of the movie, Chad and Tara finally share a kiss — and then Ghostface stabs her in the back. 

Somehow, after Tara lives through that and fights for her life, she cries as Chad gets brutally carved by the killer(s). He even dramatically tells her as he bleeds out, “It’s okay,” encouraging her and Sam to escape. This scene is equivalent to a bloody knight-and-shining-armor archetype; it’s heartbreaking yet cheesy. 

However, the couple ultimately has a happy ending because Chad somehow pulls through. 

What Happens to Sidney Prescott?  

This is the moment everyone’s been waiting for. Since Campbell backed out of the production, fans wondered how they would address Sidney’s absence. 

Scream VI leaves this up to Gale, who’s perfect to deliver the news about Sidney’s whereabouts since she is, in fact, a reporter. After she approaches Sam and Tara, Gale reveals that Sidney is with her husband and family, seemingly back in California, because “she deserves a happy ending.” 

That’s it — that’s how Scream VI handles Sidney’s absence. 

Scream VI Spoilers

Who Is Ghostface?  

No drumroll can prepare viewers for the moment when Ghostface(s) reveals themself. Instead of having one or two killers, there are three! 

At the beginning of the film, a film student named Jason Carvey (Tony Revolori) catfishes his professor (who is conveniently teaching a slasher movie class) and is meeting up with her for a date. After he calls and lures her into a dark alley, he quickly switches to Ghostface’s iconic phone call voice and kills her. However, this is not the Ghostface we end up with. 

This psycho returns to his apartment and calls his roommate, Greg, revealing that they both are planning to kill the Carpenter sisters. However, the real Ghostface traps him on the call and ambushes him at home. This scene is particularly interesting because the second Ghostface punishes Jason for saying that he enjoyed killing the professor because she was “just meat” and not a human being to him. Upon hearing this, Ghostface brutally slashes through Jason and tells him that this “isn’t a movie!” (Gasp!) Every other Ghostface was obsessed with the Stab movies. So who is this killer? What is the motive? 

Mindy suspects that the killer could be the group’s pal Ethan, who insists in one scene that his alibi was that he was “in econ” at night. He seemingly proves himself to be innocent when he saves Mindy from getting stabbed on the subway. However, Miss horror Queen turns out to be correct — one of the Ghostfaces is Ethan. 

We have three killers though, so Ethan isn’t working alone. Remember how Quinn is viciously killed by Ghostface? Well, she turns out to be one of the Ghostfaces, probably the one who diced up Jason for his “meat” comments. However, this is never confirmed in the film. Fans have pointed out that Quinn may be the beginning Ghostface because of how passionate the masked murderer is about Jason’s disgusting comments on women. 

But what the hell do Ethan and Quinn want with the Carpenter sisters? This leaves us to Ghostface #3: Detective Wayne Bailey (a.k.a Quinn’s father). The cop seems pretty suspicious since his introduction. However, one specific line gives his identity away. After Quinn is thought to have been murdered, the detective “cries” and tells Sam that when it comes to family, he will kill, which Sam understands. Not only that, but it’s later revealed that this Ghostface created a shrine of past killers in an abandoned movie theater, filled with each film’s Ghostface’s masks, knives, and other belongings that were kept as evidence. It even includes the television that Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) died under. Who would have access to evidence? A police officer, which leaves Kirby and Wayne as suspects. 

There’s a brief moment between the two cops when they point to each other as the possible killer. As Kirby aims her gun at Wayne, the audience looks at her for a long moment, wondering if they’re about to learn that she’s the killer. However, Wayne reveals himself and shoots Kirby. 

So, why does this detective and two students want to slice up the Carpenters? It turns out that Wayne, Quinn, and Ethan are the family of Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid), Sam’s murderous boyfriend from Woodsboro whom she had to kill. Scream VI’s Ghostfaces are truly “unlike any other” from the past because they don’t reenact horror movies; they’re acting out of revenge. 

Scream VI is currently in theaters. 

Scream VI Spoilers

Scream VI (2023) Official Paramount Pictures Trailer

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