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Teaser Trailer Released for Silo

Teaser Trailer

New Sci-Fi Show Coming To Apple TV

Apple TV brings us a first look into their new post-apocalyptic sci-fi show, Silo. Based on the book series of the same name, this show follows the post-apocalyptic story of people living in a sealed society in an underground silo. The teaser trailer shows the look of the facility, the players involved, and the society of this world’s ruined future.

Inside the Silo

The teaser shows off a look into the world of Silo and the characters involved. It also reveals a look at the facility itself. A large multilevel complex filled to the brim with people. The trailer shows glimpses of how people live in this facility and who runs it. Notable characters of this story are Juliette, played by Rebecca Ferguson, and Holston, played by David Oyelowo, two characters that played large roles in the book series as protagonists. 

Teaser Trailer

Other scenes shown off in the official teaser trailer are of the society within the Silo. We get glimpses of people in large gathering areas, a hospital, and a large industrial farm. Showing off strange cultural rituals of what looks like a funeral and the biggest event in the trailer, someone going outside of the Silo. This person is given a white hazmat suit and goes up a tunnel to a barren waste outside, where we see them collapse and shake before cutting away. A thrilling scene that gives many questions about what is happening. 

This post-apocalyptic world seems hostile and toxic outside, even showing in the trailer of what it means to step out. This teaser shows off the mysteries of the place these people live in and the conflicts that will occur. The dangers lies both inside and outside of the Silo. People fighting in mobs, sneaking around labs and all trying to seek the truth of why they are there and if everything they know is lies. 

This teaser shows many mysteries and thrillers in this sci-fi world of a locked-away society. Silo comes out to Apple TV on May 5th, 2023. 

Teaser Trailer

Silo (2023) Official Apple TV Trailer

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