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The Consultant Now Streaming On Prime Video

Prime Video

The Shot Heard Around The Office

Prime Video subscribers can now stream The Consultant, starring academy award winner, Christoph Waltz. Piled high with paranoia, mystery, and disturbing thrills, The Consultant wastes no time raising viewers’ heart rates, and getting right into the action of the story. 

New Boss, New Problems

Based on the novel of the same name by Bentley Little, and created and written for tv by Tony Basgallop (Servant, Live Another Day), The Consultant starts off with a bang with the abrupt and chilling departure of Comp Ware’s young CEO. Brittany O’Grady as Elaine, the CEO’s assistant,  and Nat Wolff as Craig, a mobile game coder, hastily attempt to pick up the scraps left behind and figure out the outlook of their jobs and the company as a whole. They don’t have long to question as a mysterious figure in Regus Patoff appears in the middle of the night as the new consultant to the company. Later that morning, ridiculous and odd requests start piling up as all employees are introduced to the new man in charge. From odd smells to outrageous new rules, this mysterious figure seems to be making himself right at home in the CEO’s office, despite the window still stained with his blood.

Prime Video

Elaine and Craig are played fantastically by O’ Grady and Wolff and ask all the right questions to set up further episodes. They take to the internet, and the curiously new security system in the office, to find out the details of their situation. 


Has this happened before? Who is this strange man? The answers that they find are incredibly chilling and bizarre and create even more questions. Audiences also gain quick entry into Craig’s home life in the first episode. He is in a seemingly stagnant relationship, coasting through life, and appears to get along better with his co-worker, Elaine, who he will most likely be spending more time with as the wild changes continue to pile up. 

The Consultant Packs A Punch With Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz quietly steps into Comp Ware in the peculiar yet creepy way that only Waltz can. He carries the episode with the dread of a ticking time bomb with a countdown no one can see, but everyone can hear. The questions piled high at the end of the pilot episode will have viewers clicking the next episode faster than one hits the next level in their candy crush game. Will Elaine and Craig be able to keep their jobs and their lives? 

All eight episodes of The Consultant are now streaming on Prime Video.

Prime Video

The Consultant (2023) Official Prime Video Trailer

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