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Chad Coleman Shines On DTL

Some Work to Polish Their Shine While Others are Simply Born With It

Chad Coleman joined Dead Talk Live on March 14th, 2023 to discuss his current projects and career highlighting his most defining moments.

During their one-on-one interview, Chad Coleman eagerly discussed his current projects and the aspects that have served as sticking points over the years. Coleman kept the conversation fluid and navigated the discourse with ease. He opened with an earnest address to his newest project, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster touching on the more salient points of the film and his role in bringing about the fulfillment of the project. In the conversation, he made it evident that he held high regard for the production, the director, and the cast members.

He then discussed a more recent project, Superman and Lois season three, where he plays Bruno Mannheim. Coleman left no stone unturned, navigating through conversation addressing a range of topics from the iconic nature of the series to the current onset dynamic. Before the conversation ended, however, he discussed one of his career exploits that became one of his most defining works, The Walking Dead.

Chad Coleman

Chad Coleman & The Walking Dead

In addition to The Wire, The Expanse, and The Orville, Coleman also appears in The Walking Dead, the 12-season AMC horror drama. In the third season of The Walking Dead, Coleman became one of the show’s prime actors. In his role as Tyrese, he played the kind and moral center of the community of survivors. To pay homage to The Walking Dead, which he emphatically cites as career-defining alongside The Wire and The Expanse, he explored the character’s impact with an in-depth look into rarely discussed finer points and notable moments. 

Chad Coleman

A Riveting Moment with Coleman

The opportunity to explore someone with such deep roots in the industry and such a rich character does not come by often. His humble presence and uplifting nature further solidified his stature, character, and talent as a powerful force in the industry. Chad Coleman’s appearance on DTL is indeed one for the books. If you missed it, there is still an opportunity to listen in on a conversation with the amazing Chad Coleman, the incomparable, humble talent with a lot of heart. Check out the full interview below.

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

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