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“Two Witches” Crew Talks Witchcraft on DTL

Two Witches

A Bewitching Discussion on Behind The Scenes

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Viz welcomes the main actress of Two Witches, Rebekah Kennedy and the writers Pierre Tsigaridis and Maxime Rancon. They discuss the nature of Rebekah’s character, the mysterious Masha, and the storytelling process on the screenplay.

Rebekah’s Incredible Portrayal

Rebekah’s take on the portrayal of her character is compelling and makes a second watch more fascinating. “This was a woman who was lonely, who felt lost, felt unseen. That no one understood her and that’s what she wanted.” Rebekah took the underlying motivations for Masha that were left vague in the film proper and embodied that representation of loneliness without spelling it out in the film itself.

Two Witches

The Writers Of The Story

Writers Pierre Tsigaridis and Maxime Rancon were deeply inspired by the stories of witchcraft and folklore to bring together the concepts of the story. Many elements in the film were apparently based on things that occurred in real life. There is also a moment when they discuss the infamous and well made moments in the film when the witches’ faces change during a possession. “A facial expression conveys more fear and emotion than anything else. The idea is to explore the effect of facial expressions.“

Two Witches

The rest of the episode goes into more detail on the relationships of the characters, other ways that the concept came together, and how even in the mercy of scheduling, work on the film is a true exercise of passion. Two Witches is currently available on streaming and is a great film to watch. If you missed the interview with Rebekah and the writers, check it out the full episode below.

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