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The Unseen’s Cast & Crew Join DTL!

The Unseen

A Discussion on the Storyline of “The Unseen”

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, the cast and crew of the upcoming spring 2023 movie The Unseen joined us to talk about the creation of the storyline, production details, and more. Screenwriter and cast member Jennifer A. Goodman, director Vincent Shade, actress Rebekah Kennedy, and producer and cinematographer Ryan Atkins all sat down to weigh in on their contributions. 

Starring RJ Mitte, famous for his role as Walter Jr. on AMC’s Breaking Bad, The Unseen focuses on a law student who gets caught up in a twisted web of murder and deceit that is rooted in his dark past. Mitte portrays Tommy Olson while writer and actress Goodman doubled her workload by portraying Lindsay Olson. For Kennedy’s part, she plays Milly. 

The Unseen

As for the inspiration behind Tommy’s character, Goodman explained that as a neurodiverse person, she drew from her own life to create the character and the plot. 

“I feel like a lot of writers — especially me as a writer — I take a lot of my own experiences,” the actress and storyteller explained. “People I wish I was like, or people I resent, or people I’ve come across, or even my own personal experiences or moments in my life where I had something happen to me, and I’m like, ‘Wow, people should know about this.’” 

While shouting out Mitte’s strong performance and how he “drove it home,” Goodman described the character of Tommy as having many layers. A complex persona like this, of course, required a dedicated actor. And Breaking Bad fans recall how Mitte is experienced in portraying difficult scenarios. However, the film wouldn’t be as innovative as it is without the full cast and crew. 

As for whether she perceives The Unseen as a film about trauma, abuse, or revenge, the artist noted that she believes it fits into more than one category. 

“I think that’s one of the things as a writer that I really love encapsulating is taking things on a very macro level and bringing global issues and bringing them into this juxtaposed interpersonal dynamics that allow you to really tremble with so many different layers,” Goodman said. “So, I don’t think it’s just one story. It’s not just a horror/thriller.” 

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