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Jordan Peele’s Fourth Movie To Hit Theaters Next Year

Fourth Film

Jordan Peele Has Another One Up His Sleeve

Jordan Peele is proving that ambition and talent never sleep. According to recent reports, Jordan Peele has been hard at work on a new film, and it is set for a December 2024 release, right in time for Christmas.

Jordan Peele: The Talent

Since Peele’s directorial debut in Get Out, he has been on the radar as one talent to watch. And Peele has kept watchers on their toes. Following Get Out, Peele followed with the feature film Us. After the release of Get Out and Us, it was evident that Peele was more than a crafter of the macabre. He was a weaver. He made no pretense that his films were sub-textual. They often contained heavy doses of social commentary. He used horror to awaken audiences to more significant societal issues. So, when his third directorial film Nope was announced, it had people filled with expectations.


A great cloud of speculation surrounded Nope. Peele intentionally baited audiences, providing them with little information. Cryptic trailers only heightened the anticipation. But after its release, Nope left many divided on how they felt about Peele’s film. Despite the balance of sentiments, the feature continued to perform well. According to Collider, the week of August 28th, Nope made 148.7 million at the Global Box Office. Collider noted, “That weekend, Nope made $8.3 million at the international box office, bringing its overseas total to $31.1 million.” And long after its box office run, audiences continued to converse about Peele and his artistry. 

Fourth Film

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Fans now have something new to discuss. Peele has been reportedly working on a new film. This information came courtesy of a Universal Pictures announcement of upcoming projects. According to Variety, “Universal Pictures, which released the filmmaker’s prior features Get Out, Us and Nope, added an “Untitled Fourth Film Directed by Jordan Peele to its release calendar.” There is a lot to speculate, as there is no other news than the breadcrumbs that have been tossed out. 

Just One of the Irons in the Fire

The untitled project may be one of Peele’s many things in the works. It is also being reported that Universal Studios is listing an upcoming Monkey Paw feature to be released in 2024. And as fans of Peele know, Monkey Paw is the base of his operations. Jordan Peele’s Monkey Paw Productions has been behind several films, including Wendell & Wild, Candyman, Honk for Jesus Save Your Soul, and series Hunters, Love Craft Country, and Twilight Zone. 


While there is not much information regarding any of these projects, it’s not unexpected. This is the way Peele operates. And one thing is certain; no one can knock his marketing and PR savvy. In fact, one mention of Peele sets the imagination running. And one can only imagine the possibilities of what this talented creator will bring to his fans next.

Nope (2022) Official Universal Trailer

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