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The Flash Trailer Breakdown

The Flash

A New Trailer for "The Flash" has Dropped

The official trailer for The Flash has dropped and it shows off what’s in store for this film and future of DC movies. Showcasing references to the comics and new characters that play an important part in this film. The trailer shows the exploration of different timelines in the world of the DC and how this will shape the franchise going forward.

The Breakdown

The Flash trailer shows Barry Allen, once again played by Ezra Miller, having used his powers to travel to different timelines to a world-ending event. He talks of saving his mother from a world where she died and seemingly entering the new timeline, he encounters another version of himself. This seems to reference the comic of Flashpoint, a series of comics showing Flash traveling through different timelines due to an event of going back in time and changing events. 

Flash and Batman, played again by Ben Affleck, talk about the consequences of time traveling and how Barry can fix things. This however proves to repeat a previous event in the timeline that fans are familiar with, General Zod’s invasion from Man of Steel. Micheal Shannon reprising his role as the conquering kryptonian. The trailer also talks of there being no metahumans, no powerful heroes to defend the world this time. But this timeline shows two powerful allies the Flash will gain, showing him turning on the lights of this universe’s batcave. 

The Flash

The alternate timeline Batman in this film is a returning actor of the role, Michael Keaton. He’s shown in a batsuit similar to his previous films, and shown to be in several action sequences. The trailer showcased action scenes of destruction of cities with the Flash’s lightning sparking everywhere, most likely through the first invasion of Zod in Metropolis. And at the final minute of this trailer, we get our second character reveal. 

Having a dramatic entrance in the trailer is Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle. A scene of her going all out against armed guards in a torn straightjacket in a snow covered facility. This will be the DC movies first introduction of the character and showcases her as an ally in the fight against General Zod. Not much else is shown of her except for her action sequences and giving her name to the two Barrys. It will be interesting to see what her character is like in the DC movies interpretation. 

The Flash

Two Flashes, Batman, and Supergirl versus a familiar enemy to kick off the next stage of the DC. The Flash comes out June 16th, 2023 in theaters. 

The Flash (2023) Official DC Trailer

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