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The Unheard Is Coming To Shudder On March 31st

The Unheard

No one thinks about what it would be like to be without their hearing until it’s gone. Of the five senses, it’s probably the one most people take for granted. Only those without it know how hard it is to adjust to life, and it’s then that they start to consider what they would do to have it back. However, sometimes there’s a price in getting back something that is lost.

Shudder’s The Unheard follows 20-year-old Chloe Grayden, who makes a life-changing decision to restore her hearing. After undergoing an experimental procedure, she soon starts experiencing auditory hallucinations that are seemingly connected to the mysterious disappearance of her mother. Are these hallucinations pointing her to the truth, or are they leading her to an unknown fate grimmer than anything she could imagine?

The Unheard comes from director Jeffrey A. Brown, who took inspiration from his own life in the direction of the picture. As a teenager, his father underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his chin, but it came at the cost of his hearing in one ear. Deafness wasn’t unfamiliar to the family, as it permeated Jeffrey’s mothers’ side as well.

The Unheard

 Brown didn’t understand at the time that deafness wasn’t as prevalent in all other families. It was from his experiences with deafness in his family that Jeffrey was able to connect with Chloe’s story. 

The script written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen allows for their protagonist’s regained sense of hearing to push the film into science fiction-esque speculation on top of what is essentially a ghost story. Jeffrey A. Brown stated that what drew him to want to direct the film was the possibilities that Chloe’s auditory hallucinations provide, allowing for unique ways to build tension and rudimentary jump scares. Ultimately, The Unheard provides new opportunities to explore the potential of interior and exterior soundscapes in a story that alternates between psychological terror and supernatural wonder.

The Unheard stars Lachlan Watson (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as Chloe and actress Michele Hicks (Orange is the New Black) will play her mom. The film will also star Brendan Meyer (Fear the Walking Dead) as the character Joshua, Nick Sandow as Hank, and Shunori Ramanathan as Dr. Lynch. The Unheard will be Director Jefferey A. Brown’s second directorial outing for a feature-length film, the first being 2019’s The Beach House. 

The Unheard

Don’t miss The Unheard from Shudder when it premieres on the streamer on March 31st.

The Unheard (2023) Official Shudder Trailer

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