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Cindy Kaza & Steve Shippy: Fearless Stewards to Other Worlds

Cindy Kaza

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“This is like the greatest paranormal story you’ve never heard of,” Steve Shippy said.

This week’s Dead Talk Live, with guests Cindy Kaza and Steve Shippy, takes a compelling look at a case likened to Amityville Horror as Shippy, Kaza, and host, John Viz, discussed the case of the Michigan Hell House in Merrill, Michigan. As professional investigators Shippy and medium Kaza experienced themselves, the case is complicated and intense with mystery. 

What began as a baffling set of messages from persons unwilling to share the full story of the case personally, instead contributing a box of various reports from local government agencies, has now become a story of incredible supernatural activity. With reported evidence and interviews from law enforcement and others, Shippy and Kaza investigate a home, which could be a dwelling for the devil himself.   

Their family gave the Pomeranings a piece of land in 1951. In 1974, a neighbor moved in across the street. When she wanted the Pomeraning land for herself, the family communicated in every possible way that they would not sell. That was when unexplained events began to occur.

Steve Shippy

At first, the case was treated as criminal since everyone, including law enforcement, was convinced this was a case of stalking or harassment. When it became evident that no human criminal was responsible, the word “supernatural” became synonymous with the Michigan home. The case brings to the forefront a host of relevant questions, which Kaza and Shippy answer in this Dead Talk Live interview. 

For example, is it possible for a spirit to physically hurt or kill a human being? If a ghost doesn’t want Kaza to know it’s there, can it hide from her, or how much information about a spirit can a medium understand during an automatic writing session? How much activity has the current family living in the home experienced? 

Discovery+ and Workaholic Productions present this intriguing documentary, released on February 19th, 2023, on Discovery+. Director and producer Kevin R. Hershberger, who has a notable abstract of documentaries under his name, also produced the Shock Doc Ed Gein: The Real Psycho.

Cindy Kaza

Watch Shock Doc: Michigan Hell House now on Discovery+ and check out the full interview below!

Dead Talk Live (2023)

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