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Shadow and Bone Season 2 (2023): A Review

Shadow and Bone Season Two

Resist the Darkness

The darkness thickens and the shadow becomes more and more dangerous. Ravka was divided into two parts by The Shadow Fold, a dangerous place to cross because winged monsters fly there and kill. As you know, the first season tells us about a girl named Alina Starkov, a Sun Summoner who manifests magical powers when she wants to save her friend from the monsters in the Fold. The Darkling is a living amplifier that can enhance the power of the Grisha, who also have different magical powers. When Alina learned to master and control her power, she learned who the Darkling was and what he was hiding from her. 

In the second season, Alina tries to hide from the Darkling, but this fails and she realizes that she needs to challenge him and destroy him. Since he is very powerful, Alina understands that she needs to find an amplifier, or rather the power of all three. She needs to find Rusalye or sea whip and firebird so that they strengthen her power to resist the Darkling.

Adventure & Danger

Adventure and danger await you! Many viewers who have watched the show and are wondering what will happen next can read the books. Netflix created a show based on the Shadow and Bone trilogy which includes Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising as well as the Six of Crows Duology which includes Six Of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

Despite the fact that the action of the book Six Of Crows takes place after the events of the trilogy of books Shadow and Bone, in the series it was decided to change this and connect it. Of course, there are other books that continue the Grishaverse universe. The first season followed the sequence of the first books, while the second season is based on the events of Siege and Storm. The trailer shows new characters who are familiar to readers. 

The audience will be pleased to return to the maelstrom of events and adventures because the main characters are in danger with new monsters to fight. The Darkling is alive and has created a new army of shadows that is difficult or even impossible to subside. He is trying to convince Sun Summoner to come over to his side and that his actions have the right reasons. Alina wants to destroy the Darkling and she has new and old allies who help her. This show includes many unpredictable moments that are exciting but the audience will be pulled away by a whirlpool of events from which it will be difficult to break away. 

Shadow and Bone Season Two

Fully Embodied Characters

Probably the most successful thing that Netflix did when creating the show was the selection of actors for the role of certain characters. The actors look similar to the description of the characters they play while also conveying emotions perfectly which fully embodied the characters. When you watch the show, it was like the characters from the books came to life, despite the fact that the second season adds new characters who will instantly intrigue with their story. At the same time, the main characters are revealed to us from the other side, which leads to the fact that we can see the development of the characters from a deeper side. Watching the new season, we learn a lot about the characters who have become loved, and we also discover their past that influenced them.

Final Thoughts

Shadow and Bone Season Two

The second season, like the previous one, consists of eight episodes that were released on the same day. The premiere took place on March 16th, 2023 and can be viewed on Netflix. As for the atmosphere, the costumes and sets have done their job and work great. Writer Leigh Bardugo was inspired by Tsarist Russia to create the Grishavers universe, and the show was able to convey that atmosphere.

Shadow and Bone Season Two (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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