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Linda Blair Returns for “The Exorcist” Legacy Sequel

Linda Blair

The Legacy Sequel Wrapped Filming Already!

No, it’s not 1973 — it’s the era of sequels, and The Exorcist is finally getting a reboot film in the form of a legacy sequel. The horror remake has wrapped filming, according to various outlets, but the best part is that original lead Linda Blair is reportedly making an appearance in the upcoming movie. 

While the actress hasn’t publicly confirmed the report yet, horror fans are over the moon about the news. Blair will return as her famous character, Regan MacNeil, whom we all recognize from that iconic head-turning, slimy, bone-chilling moment. While she will reportedly make her big screen return in the classic horror flick, it is also worth noting that a BlumHouse Productions representative only publicly confirmed that she served as an advisor on the film’s set. 

The upcoming movie is directed by Halloween trilogy director David Gordon Green, and will star original Exorcist cast member Ellen Burstyn, Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr., and several more familiar faces. 

Linda Blair

While an official synopsis has yet to be revealed, fans can expect to watch a movie about a modern family who turns to Chris MacNeil (Burstyn) for help when one of their family members gets possessed decades after the events from 1973. 

The Exorcist franchise already has a few sequels under its belt, including a television series that ran for two seasons. This may be one of the reasons why Green and writer Scott Teems wanted to take their time to ensure they had a strong script on their hands. 

The team spent the early days of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic discussing via Zoom how they would approach the head-spinning terror. Finally, after the crew agreed on a storyline, they set out to develop the movie. 

As horror fans know, a “legacy sequel” isn’t a direct continuation to an original film. However, it includes original “legacy” characters alongside an all-new cast. 

Linda Blair

The Exorcist legacy sequel is expected to be released on October 13th, 2023, by Universal Pictures. A subsequent Peacock streaming release should also be available shortly after the theatrical run, as most of Universal’s films have done so far.

The Exorcist (1973) Official Trailer

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