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Slayers (2022), A Review


An Influencers And Bloodsuckers Campy Romp

By Joycelyne Biya


Slayers is a horror/comedy, directed by K Asher Levin (The Shadow Diaries 2020) based on a screenplay co-written with Zack Imbrogno. In the first shot, Elliot Jones (Thomas Jane, Vendetta 2022) tells us about the covert war between humans and vampires as images flash through the screen. The narrator (Elliot Jones) is introduced as the “badass slayer”. Also, some digs at YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Twitch streamers. In addition to every effective scene, there are at least twice as many edgy, try-hard jokes that work as well. After Elliot Jones’s daughter is killed by vampires, he becomes obsessed with hunting them down. And when he discovers that a group of social media influencers are being hunted by the world’s largest vampire syndicate because of the rare blood type they all share, he sets out to save them.

The Rektors, a wealthy family, have offered millions of dollars to a group of Internet celebrities to join their company. The catch is that the stars must share a rare blood type with Stephen, the family’s terminally ill son. In case they agree, the Rektors have promised to bequeath their company to the celebrities after Stephen’s death. But the Rektors have been tracking them and only want them because they can use their blood type to rule the world. Elliott attempts to warn the Stream Team about the Rektors’ plan, but they’re too busy preparing for the wedding to hear him. The only person who takes Elliot seriously is Flynn (Kara Hayward), but she isn’t convinced of how serious the danger is.

The Undead and Those Who Kill Them

The ‘Stream Team’ comes in, as Jules (Abigail Breslin), Liz (Lydia Hearst), her boyfriend Jack (Jack Donnelly), and his sister Flynn (Kara Hayward). To their horror, they discover that their guests are all vampires who have plans for Jack and Flynn in particular. It’s up to Jones to free them, stop the vampires’ plans for world domination and take revenge.

The direction is suspenseful and moody and builds a good mood and chill atmosphere. There are also a few funny jokes, such as the identity of some previous vampire overlords or what Jones did before becoming a slayer. The plot is convoluted, although some elements would make a good, entertaining, if familiar, vampire story. The performances are solid, as each actor plays his role as well as the script requires. Jane is salty and moody as the bitter Jones, and Hayward fits right in as the alpha girl of the stream team.

It’s as if film is trying to be like Deadpool from 2016, except that film allowed its drama to breathe. Slayers pack in joke subtitles and stock footage montages.


The film does try to slow down time to tell the intricacies of the plot, but it is never long enough for the viewer to absorb. The Rektors plan to give everyone a vaccine that will turn people into vampires, but they are also cursed and need Jack’s blood to overcome the curse. The only way to stop Steven Rektor is to get Jack or Flynn’s blood after they are turned, but there is another way, and it had to be explained to the audience in the style of a YouTube tutorial. Slayers tries to be a fun, whimsical, fourth-wall-breaking, postmodern film about vampires and the people who kill them. The actors are good because their characters are supposed to be as obnoxious as the visuals.

Humans vs Vampires

Jane demonstrates solid comedic timing with some of his most effective lines. As such, Slayers comes dangerously close to being entertaining at times. Slayers is an entertaining horror comedy with some standout performances – especially Kara Hayward and Lydia Hearst. Ancient bloodsucker Steven Rektor (Adam Ambruso), a filthy-rich “savior” who, along with his vampiric wife Beverly Rektor (Malin Akerman), wants to make the world a better place, can only survive if they can pass their spirit on to someone who belongs to his family tree. And surprise, that “lucky” successor is Jack.

At some point, this film gets the audience so hard, and everyone with flat teeth is in trouble. The stream team is mostly made up of money-driven fellows who do not care as long as it gets them fame and money – and here there is one streamer (the gamer Flynn) who starts to see through it all and runs off before finally running into Jane. They could both save the day. The imagery and editing are at their finest as they bring a sense of horror out of the viewer. Slayers has all the right tropes and twists them a bit to make it fun and different.

Take the Shot

Slayers begins at full speed, with a plethora of images and graphics pelting the viewer as the history of vampires and vampire slayers is explained. Fortunately, it’s all accompanied by the growly, veteran voice of Janes Elliot, who is in the same vein as Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China. Elliot cuts through the chaos and establishes himself as a rock, an anchor you can trust.

If you’re in the mood for some good old-oldfashioned fun mixed with a little social commentary, Slayers is the movie for you. It tells the story of these social media influencers who find themselves in a bloody fight for survival. The movie is full of over-the-top violence and laughs and will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Slayers can be streamed on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

Slayers (2022) Official Avenue Entertainment Trailer

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