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The Seventh Season of Kindred Spirits Focuses on Remarkable

Seventh Season

The Kindred Spirits’ New Season Reveals All New Secrets

On a recent episode of Dead Talk Live, Kindred Spirits’ heroine and spirit hunter extraordinaire Amy Bruni could not make the podcast appearance due to last-minute personal reasons. Still, Amy’s spirit and visiting heroes, Adam Berry and Chip Coffee, were there to update us on the best information about the new seventh season of Kindred Spirits. During their visit to Dead Talk Live for the season premiere, Adam Berry and medium Chip Coffee enlightened viewers on the new season’s secrets and scoops.

Originally from a background in health and insurance, winner of a ghost-hunting reality television game show, and an actor, writer, and producer, Amy, Adam, and Chip, respectfully, have experiences that run the gamut between just like the rest of us and genuinely otherworldly. Adam muses they are fortunate because they didn’t know they’d make it past the first season. 

One of the best bits of Kindred Spirits’ news this season is that Chip is back on the road with the crew. In the previous season, Chip was required to be at home due to health reasons, but he had more than 21 years of professional psychic and medium experience, including remote work. This helped the trio stay successful, but it was not ideal. 

Now, the three are free to put everything to the side and focus on a blank slate. Amy, Adam, and Chip all work to see what they can experience, see if it matches the client’s experiences, and start to dissect the situation from the ground level. 

Still as true today as in the past, what separates Kindred Spirits from other similar shows is they don’t automatically expect the dark and demonic to be the issue. They know that sometimes the negativity comes from an angry or upset spirit. These are just humans who don’t have physical hearts anymore. 

When asked if there were ever situations that truly concerned Chip regarding the safety of Amy and Adam, he said that there have been. He has warned them several times to be careful and take care of themselves. It didn’t have to be some great, demonic evil energy or entity that caused problems. It could just have been an outraged spirit in a bad mood. 

Adam Berry

“There’s one instance in this current season where what I saw in my head was an occurrence that happened in the basement in one of the places that we went to visit. It was so horrifying that I had to make a hasty retreat. It was an event that was emotionally overwhelming, and it’d happened in that space. I always try to let Amy and Adam know that they need to proceed with caution – and to their credit, the two of them have got their own unique psychic sense about themselves,” Chip said.  

As part of their attitude of respect for all living and dead as a mechanism for communication is addressing spirits as non-living and trying not to use the word “dead.” Adam advises that just like in real life, you’d never let someone treat you like crap, so you shouldn’t let them do it when they’re dead. Adam says that they could “cut a bitch,” but it comes from a place of respect. Humanizing the spirit and talking to them as if they are sitting in front of you is essential to what Kindred Spirits does. 

Amy, Adam, and Chip are three kindred spirits who could teach us all a thing or two about communicating, alive or dead.  

“You’ll see us in wheelchairs one day, being very old rolling each other around in the asylum.” Adam said. 

In case you missed it, check out the full Kindred Spirits seventh season premier, or stream the whole season on Travel Channel, Discovery Plus, and even fuboTV. Check out the full interview with the crew below.

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Chip Coffee

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