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Steve Gonsalves Joins Dead Talk Live April 4th!


Mark Your Calendars For Dead Talk Live’s Interview With Paranormal Investigator Steve Gonsalves!

Dead Talk Live has a new episode with our special guest, psychic Steve Gonsalves back for another chat about all things supernatural! He will be joining us on our television show for a live interview this Tuesday on April 4th, 2023 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern Time! Many fans will certainly be thrilled to see the paranormal expert from the ever-popular series, Ghost Hunters (2004-2022).

Steve Gonsalves is an actor, producer, and director well known for his work on The House in Between 2 (2022), Ghost Nation (2019-2021), The House in Between (2020), Ghost Team (2016), and The Captured Bird (2012). He’s also made appearances on such series as The Drew Barrymore Show (2020), Shock Docs (2020), Without Your Head (2020), A Haunting on Brockway Street (2019), A Haunting on Finn Road: The Devil’s Grove (2018), The Will Wheaton Project (2014), The World Within (2010), Ghost Hunters Academy (2009-2010), and Destination Truth (2009).


Steve Gonsalves produced and hosts Ghost Hunters, a decades-long series that takes audiences on a tour of America’s most haunted locations. A new season of Ghost Hunters premieres on April 6th, 2023 on Discovery+ and The Travel Channel, starting with the TAPS team investigating a former church turned brewery in Pittsburgh riddled with ghostly activity spawning from an accidental death.

As stated above, paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters will join us live this Tuesday. Tune in for the next episode of Dead Talk Live on April 4th, 2023 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern Time. This is one you certainly won’t want to miss!

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

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