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“Fatal Attraction” Miniseries Set to Premiere

Fatal Attraction Miniseries

The New Paramount+ Series is Based on the 1987 Movie

1987’s Fatal Attraction gave cheaters the ultimate nightmare of their lives. Michael Douglas and Glenn Close portrayed the iconic film duo, Dan Gallagher and Alex Forrest respectively, who quickly go from passionate hookup buddies to violent arch enemies. Now, there is an all-new 2023 miniseries based on the original film. 

The movie’s premise follows Dan and Alex’s one-time affair, which he engages in while married to his unsuspecting wife, Beth. Although the Manhattan lawyer initially thinks that Alex understood it was a weekend fling, she doesn’t let him go as easily as he’d like. Soon, Alex becomes extremely volatile toward Dan, threatening his livelihood and family by stalking and taunting him, which eventually leads to an epic showdown.

Fatal Attraction — the 2023 series — focuses on the same plot and stars a fresh new cast, Lizzy Caplan playing Alex, Joshua Jackson as Dan, Amanda Peet as Beth, and several others. The new show is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ on April 30th, 2023. 

Although the show features several moments and even lines from the film — yes, even the iconic, “I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan” scene — the series introduces a new twist that isn’t so forgiving to Dan’s character as the ‘80s movie is. The trailer premiered in early April and smacks its audience with a whole new plot point: Dan is in jail for the murder of Alex Forrest. 

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Fatal Attraction Miniseries

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The modernized storyline features the erotic thriller story that OG fans want, with Dan admitting to his wife in the teaser, “I chose to lose control,” while he’s behind bars. But instead of suggesting that he and Alex will have a wild fight in the end, the new show seemingly hones in on the aftermath of Alex’s supposed death. How did Dan get here? Who accused him of her murder? Was she actually murdered? Was Alex pregnant like Close’s character is? 

While our questions can’t be answered until the series premieres, Jackson gave fans some insight into how the show is a fresher take on the classic movie, noting that it’s “so much more terrifying” than the film. 

“It takes the story that we all know and takes us into her perspective to balance out the gender roles and understand her a little bit better,” he explained. 

Fatal Attraction Miniseries

Fatal Attraction will stream on Paramount+ starting on April 30th, 2023.

Fatal Attraction (2023) Official Paramount+ Trailer

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