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Sean Patrick Flanery Talks “Nefarious” With DTL

Sean Patrick Flanery

“I’m Grateful, Grateful, Grateful.”

On April 5th, 2023, Dead Talk Live welcomed the talented star of the upcoming film Nefarious Sean Patrick Flanery. In one of the most relaxed exchanges to date, Flanery allowed fans to glimpse his inner world, an existence cloaked in gratitude. 

Flanery Opens with Humbleness

Flanery, who has built quite an impressive resume in the industry, sat rapt, relaxed, and ready for a deep dive into his most recent project, Nefarious. And dive deeply he did, comfortably answering questions fielded to him. Flanery explored topics from character preparation to on-set collaborative experiences. And throughout the conversation, he kept it humble. Like a fireside chat with an old friend, the verbal exchange passed with ease. But long before the wrap-up, it was evident that with Flanery, what you see is what you get. It felt like Flanery was an old friend re-inviting old acquaintances to reconnect. 

Diving Deeper into Nefarious

Discussions began with Nefarious‘ recent premiere and the excitement of the evening. And Flanery was more than eager to expound upon the electrifying nature of the event. But meat and potatoes were next on the menu. Gradually the conversation shifted to zero in on Flanery’s role as Nefarious. Flanery spoke of the path which led him to the role and then further delved into his method of preparation. He kept it simple and straightforward, tossing aside any pretense cutting down to the core. “I’m not a method actor by any means.” According to Flanery, when it comes down to it, it is simply him and the script. He keeps it old school, sticking to the basics. In fact, in one moment, he relays, “All he needs to know about a character for which he intends to breathe life into is found in the script.”

Sean Patrick Flanery

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Flanery Targets in On One Thing in Particular

The remainder of the segment was devoted to drilling even deeper into the core of the project. But regardless of the depth, Flanery continued to bring it back to one central point. He could not help but extol the creative genius of Nefarious writers and directors. Through his unwavering dedication to his long-standing admiration, he contributed the robustness of his character to a well-written script.

The Wrap-Up 

The wrap-up was a most revelatory moment. Flanery summed up in ample measure the extent of his gratitude for the opportunity to have played such a character. He closed with a mention of three projects he has been most grateful to have participated in: Powder, Born a Champion, and Nefarious.

February 5th’s episode of DTL was one of the most down-to-earth exchanges to premiere. It is so seldom that one sees such an emanation of gratitude. The kind that seeps out of every pore and covers everything. One thing is sure; this is a remarkable episode that fans of Flanery will not want to miss. In case you missed it, check out the full interview below.

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