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Dead Talk Media Hosts “Target” Premiere in NYC


Target’s Premiere, Q&A Held At The Roxy Hotel Cinema

By Elisabeth McGowen

Dead Talk Media hosted Thomas G. Waites’ 2023 movie, Target, at the Roxy Hotel Cinema in New York City, right in the heart of the Big Apple’s artistic neighborhood of SoHo. And the comedy rang in quite the crowd, from the cast and crew to enthusiastic viewers who came for a great time. 

Target focuses on Nick Gates (Nick Gregory), a sexually experimental husband who coerces his wife, Laura Gates (Jam Murphy), to engage in an extramarital affair for his own arousal with Chip (Philip Stoddard), a young 26-year-old kid who is the ultimate “bad boy” struggling with his past. After Laura and Chip start getting hot and heavy more than once, all three main characters eventually realize something about themselves, which creates an abundance of comedy for Target’s audience.  

Dead Talk Live host and DTM’s founder, John “Viz” Vizaniaris, held a Q&A with Waites and lead actress, Murphy, after the screening of their film. While eager audience members were given the chance to ask them questions, Viz led the session, asking the actress and the director/writer about the process behind making the movie. 

Dead Talk Media

When it came to filming such intimate sexual moments on camera, Murphy explained that as an “actor’s director” (a director who, as an experienced actor, understands their cast’s point of view and can therefore empathize with their performance technique), Waites did everything that he could to make the principal star as comfortable as possible on set. Murphy even revealed that Waites didn’t hesitate for a second when she admitted her discomfort with one particular line, which was thus cut out. 

Working 12-hour days paid off for the cast and crew because they managed to finish filming in just over two weeks — a truly difficult task in this industry. Not only that, but they accomplished this during the chaotic 2020 pandemic. 

When it came to writing, directing, and producing Target, Waites explained how personal this project was for him as a veteran actor who has been in this business for five decades. 

“I’ve always loved movies, and I’ve always wanted to make a movie,” The Thing star said. “I’ve done two short films, but they were taken away from me and edited by someone else. I didn’t get final cut, [but] this [Target] is all me. There was no one telling me what to do. So, anything good about it, I’m responsible for, and the actors, of course. And anything not good about it is also my responsibility, and I wanted that responsibility. I wanted to own it.” 

Target will be available to watch on Video on Demand on April 18. 


“Target” (2023) Official TGW Studios Trailer

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