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Netflix Releases Trailer of Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra

Catch the Newest Installment to the Queens of Africa Series

Today it was announced the second segment of Jada Pinkett Smith’s African Queens: Cleopatra is soon to premiere. And respectively, Netflix dropped a trailer highlighting what promises to be a most impressive feature. Here are the details. 

In February 2023, Netflix premiered its first segment of African Queens, the story of Njinga. This was a wonderful exploratory piece that told a never-before-told broached. It not only highlighted a side of rulership rarely seen but also fleshed out a side of regality rarely touched upon. Masterfully executed, it only heightened the anticipation for what was to come. And it was also no secret that Cleopatra would be featured in Pinkett’s African Queens series. However, at the time, it was unclear when the next feature would arrive. Now, there is no longer a need for anticipation.

Queen Cleopatra

Release Date & Synopsis

Recently, a new trailer for Queen Cleopatra was released along with the announcement of a May 10th premiere date for the Netflix series. The beautiful and powerful imagery Is mesmerizing. The only thing more complementary is the intriguing byline, As quoted in UbranBridgez, touted as an Urban Entertainment E-Zine, “This season will feature Cleopatra, the world’s most famous, powerful, and misunderstood woman — a daring queen whose beauty and romances came to overshadow her real asset: her intellect.”

Queen Cleopatra Cast

The upcoming feature will be split into four episodes. And according to Netflix, the cast will include Adele James, John Partridge, and Jada Pinkett Smith, to name a few. Adele James is known for her role in the 2020-2021 TV series Casualty. John Partridge portrayed the role of Rum Tum Tugger in the 1998 Cats. Jada Pinkett Smith, who serves as the executive producer of this feature, has forged her name throughout Hollywood. Some of her acting credits include but are not limited to Niobe in The Matrix, Annie in Collateral, Sonji in Ali, and Stony in Set it Off.

Queen Cleopatra

So, for lovers of the ever-immortal, regal, and extraordinary Cleopatra, buckle in and prepare for a feast for the eyes, intellect, and senses.

Queen Cleopatra (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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