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Sean Patrick Flanery Talks “Frank & Penelope” Premiere

Frank & Penelope

Flanery Explains Film’s Triple Genre Edge

Sean Patrick Flanery joined Dead Talk Live for an episode in May 2022 to discuss his triple-genre film Frank & Penelope, in which he starred as a club manager character. 

Having premiered at the Riviera International Film Festival in Italy, Frank & Penelope introduces the audience to Frank (Billy Budinich), who just got his heart ripped out after catching his wife cheating on him. As a typical rule follower, Frank takes it upon himself to do riskier things, which leads him to meet Penelope (Caylee Cowan), a strip club dancer. Penelope and her boss, (Flanery), have been stealing from clients to earn a living. Though Frank is initially seen as an easy target, Penelope starts to fall for him, and the two embark on a wild road trip across east Texas to escape their heartbreaking pasts. 

As one of the screenwriters, Flanery made it a point to include references to the 1990s hit action movie, Thelma & Louise

“I wanted to introduce the idea of one taking their own life, and I wanted to do it metaphorically,” the Nefarious actor explained. “Frank is not somebody that hits the nail on the head, but he speaks in metaphor, and he’s quite poetic. And so, whenever somebody asks him a question, he references a film counting on the fact that they’ve never seen the film.” 

Frank & Penelope

When it came time to cast the role of Penelope, Flanery recalled how he and the casting director knew that Cowan was the right fit for the part. 

“It was evident from the first two minutes of her audition tape there was something incredibly unique, rare, magnetic, and special,” he explained, but he added, “It wasn’t an overnight decision.” 

Flanery had to convince the producers why casting Cowan and Budinich was worth it, but this turned out to be possible because of their impressive auditions, or as the co-writer called it — “something incredibly rare that they house inside their souls.” 

Frank & Penelope

Frank and Penelope was released digitally in June 2022. Check out the full interview with Sean Patrick Flanery below!

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