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Target Crew Joins Dead Talk Live April 16th!


Mark Your Calendars For Dead Talk Live’s Interview With Thomas G. Waites & Jam Murphy!

Dead Talk Live has a new episode with special guests, the delightful Thomas G. Waites and Jam Murphy! They will be joining us on our television show for a live interview on Sunday, April 16th, 2023 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern Time! Many fans will certainly be thrilled to see the talented team behind the upcoming playful sex comedy, Target (2023).

Thomas G. Waites is an actor, director, and producer well known for his work in 6:45 (2021), The Savant (2019), The Punisher (2019), Homeland (2018), The Life Zone (2011), The Great Fight (2011), An Affirmative Act (2010), Law & Order (2000-2009), Oz (2001-2003), NYPD Blue (1996-1998), Timelock (1996), to name a few from his extensive resume. Additionally, he also did voicework for the video games Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) and The Warriors (2005).

Jam Murphy is an actress best known for her roles in Gun! (2022), Lake Pluto (2022), and Lady Bogey (2022). Her upcoming projects, Noir and A Far Few Years from Now…, are currently in post-production.


Written and directed by Thomas G. Waites and produced by and starring Jam Murphy, Target is a playful sex comedy about a couple looking to spice up their sex life with some additional participants. Target premieres April 18th, 2023 on Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu.

As stated above, Thomas G. Waites and Jam Murphy from Target will be joining us live this Sunday. Tune in for the next episode of Dead Talk Live on April 16th, 2023 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern Time. This is one you certainly won’t want to miss!

Dead Talk Live hosts live interviews of the industry’s most thrilling artists, producers, writers, actors, and directors. Make sure to tune in for this exciting interview, and also join us daily to get your horror fix! Find us on YouTubeInstagramFacebookTwitter, Vimeo, Twitch, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Thank You, and Stay Walking!

Target (2023) Official Dead Talk Media Trailer

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