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Is Dragon Brandon Cronenberg’s Next Big Film?


The long Awaited Sci-Fi Horror Has Been Plagued With Delays.

By Richard Hall

Director Brandon Cronenberg has revealed that he is still working on his second movie, Dragon, with Marvel Comics writer Dan Abnett. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cronenberg provided some insight into the film’s storyline and tone.

Set in the near future, Dragon follows Captain Mia Verse and her crew as they seek fortune hunting ancient alien lifeforms drifting through deep space that has been exploited by humanity to create a lucrative drug. The film will explore the pleasures of space horror in a satirical and, at times psychotic, universe and is described by Cronenberg as an “adaptation of an imagined Philip K. Dick novel.”

Cronenberg is set to direct and co-write with Dan Abnett, who is best known for his 2008 run of Guardians of the Galaxy, which was the main inspiration behind the 2014 James Gunn directed smash hit of the same name. Producer Philip Herd is quoted saying, “The world Brandon and Dan are creating is incredibly rich,” and “There are immense opportunities to continue exploring it. While storytelling for the cinema is our focus, we are considering how we can work in complementary media to support the core cinematic work.” 

Brandon Cronenberg

Originally scheduled for production in 2017 as Cronenberg’s Sophomore release following his 2012 debut Antiviral, the project was put on hold as he focused on other film ideas. These include his critically acclaimed 2020 film Possessor and Infinity Pool, which was released in January of 2023.

Cronenberg spoke with IndieWire about not rushing his projects, stating that “making a film takes such a long time, and the industry moves at such a glacial pace that you can’t really plan it out.” This combined with the possibility of an expansive collection of complementary media might explain why the movie has languished in development for so long.

Dragon promises to be an exciting addition to the sci-fi horror genre, offering a unique blend of satire, psychological depth, and incredible world-building. As fans await further updates on the movie’s production, it is clear that Cronenberg’s dedication to his craft will result in a thought-provoking and visually stunning film.

Brandon Cronenberg

Infinity Pool (2023) Official NEON Trailer

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