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The Last Voyage of the Demeter Preview

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

A Look Through The Trailer And History Of Dracula’s Horror

Another Dracula-inspired film is getting released around August of this year. Unlike the comedic Renfield that released last week, this is a more brooding, dark film in line with the horror of the original story of Bram Stoker’s classic. This film, titled The Last Voyage of the Demeter, follows the doomed crew of the ship assailed by the monstrous form of Dracula.

What’s Shown In The Trailer

So far, the first trailer of the upcoming horror film features many cinematic shots of the ship and several scenes of the crew. One of the pivotal characters is a Romanian passenger who knows of the legends named Anna, portrayed by Aisling Franciosi. The movie seems to be a bottle horror in the vein of films like Alien and The Thing, in which the characters are trapped in an inescapable situation with a monster. It starts slowly with the departure from Transylvania, the slaughter of the animal livestock, and escalates to the shrouded reveal of the infamous monster himself, Dracula. 

Dracula’s appearance is more inline with the monstrous depictions of vampires, mostly the winged bat-like demon monsters similar to older depictions of vampires. Given Dracula’s powers and how the story is supposed to go, it’s a mystery whether the Count will be able to transform into a regal, if not slightly off-putting, man to stalk the streets of London, or if he’ll stay in this monstrous form due to the actor Javier Botet’s portrayal of him. More is bound to be revealed as the film gets closer to its theatrical release.

What’s Known From The Original Story Of The Demeter

In Bram Stoker’s novel, much of the story is told through letters, third person accounts, and vague archives of people that witnessed Dracula. In search of new victims and potentially another bride, the Count will leave his castle in Transylvania to go to England via boat, specifically the Demeter. The captain of the ship left a log, accounting the disappearance of his crew until he was the last one, ending his account with a mysterious, dog-like creature leaping off the boat when he made port.

The events of the doomed ship had two fairly fleshed out chapters in the book, covering the nature of Dracula in addition to being treated as foreshadowing for the Count’s eventual arrival to Whitby in England. The captain’s log would also cover exactly how Dracula hunts and kills his victims: waiting for nightfall and ambushing in the dark of night, feeding on their blood. Despite the importance of the events on the ship in the book, many cinematic adaptations of Dracula gloss over the events, often just showing the aftermath once it runs ashore and authorities investigate for survivors.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

The Bloodthirsty Legend of Dracula

Dracula is one of the most famous monsters in the history of film and literature. A boss in most video games and sometimes even a playable character, Dracula’s legend has long outlived author Bram Stoker and the many fables and folklore surrounding his creation. Much of the origin of Dracula is up to interpretation and theories, though it’s popularly accepted that Vlad Tepes, the historical prince of Wallachia, is the main historical inspiration of the vampire Count due to many of his cruel executions and blood thirsty reputation.

Since then, Stoker combined different attributes of European mythology to create the character of Dracula, which as a result made him the forefather of modern tropes. Before Dracula, every European nation had their own equivalent of a vampire, one being the Romanian Strigoi which were undead abominations with an appetite for blood and can transform into beasts like wolves. Based on the appearance in the trailer alone, Dracula’s appearance in the upcoming film is very similar to a mix of Count Orlock from Nosferatu and the Strigoi, down to the monstrous bat-like traits and wings.

With the film’s theatrical release looming over in the dark horizon of August, much speculation is still left for this voyage of gothic horror. Since the voyage of the Demeter is hardly ever shown and is treated as a glossed-over moment of every Dracula story, it’s great to see a creative rendition of the events on the ship. It also helps that book wise, the carnage on the Demeter was the most violent and successfully murderous Dracula was, having picked off all but one of the crew members according to the captain’s log.

The story of The Last Voyage of the Demeter is more or less a bygone conclusion. It’s not a matter of figuring out who survives, but the sheer terror of Dracula unleashed on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no escape. The tension of the film will undoubtedly be palatable, and while there’s bound to be action as well, there is still a lot left to reveal before the film’s release. Like Dracula, for now, this film must rest undisturbed in its dark casket.


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