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Five Allegorical Episodes Every Wu-Tang: An American Saga Fan Wants To See

Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Five Innovative Episodic Ideas

By  Jim Search

An allegory is a story with a hidden meaning left to the reader/viewer to interpret. This season, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” incorporated this method with three episodes, “Dirty Dancin,” “Criminology,” and “The Genius.” There is such a rich and storied history of the Wu-Tang Clan; there is room for many more episodes in this style. Here is a list of five that any Wu-Tang fan would love to see.

5. Meth vs. Chef

WuTangIn the song “Meth vs. Chef” from Method Man’s album “Tical,” Method Man and Raekwon go back and forth in a lyrical showdown to show who is the best. An episode Inspired by this song would have  Method Man and Raekwon play two scrappy underground boxers fighting for the title of who is the illest in Shaolin.

4. Daytona 3600

WuTangThe song “Daytona 500” from Ghostface Killah’s freshmen album “Ironman” is a certified classic. It was adapted into a music video inspired by the animated series “Speed Racer.” If this were to be converted into an allegorical episode, Wu-Tang Racecars would enter into the hip-hop race of the century, the Daytona 3600. In this high-stakes race, they are up against the likes of Bad Boy, Def Jam, and Death Row Records…who will take 1st place?

3. The Mystery Of The Killah Tape

WuTangThe intro for the song “7th Chamber” from “Enter the 36 Chambers” has a skit in which Raekwon’s “Killah Tape” turns up missing. In an episodic rei-imagining when Raekwon’s Killah Tape comes up missing, only one man can solve the case, world-renowned detective Inspectah Deck.

2. Form Like Voltron

WuTangThe Wu-Tang Clan has made plenty of references and used imagery from Japanese animation. In particular, the television show “Voltron” has been cited. If this were converted into an anime-based episode, viewers would find each member of the Wu-Tang as space explorers who are strong separately but formed together are mightier than they could ever imagine.

1. The Game Of Chess…

WuTangChess is routinely used in the Wu-Tang Clan’s rhymes and is avidly played by many of the members. If an episode were created with a chess game as the feature element, RZA would be pitted against the record industry in a game of chess. And the winner decides the outcome of the other’s fate.


The universe of the Wu-Tang Clan is colorful and vivid, to say the least. From comic books to anime and everything in between, they provide the listener with an entire world of imagination. With the use of allegory in “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” it opens the door wide to so many adventures.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 3. Official Hulu Trailer.

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