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David Lynch Rumors and His Involvement With Cannes 2023

David Lynch at 2017 Cannes

Fleshing Through The Rumors

It seems like every year, there is a new David Lynch rumor about how he may be finally making a comeback to film or television as a writer and director. This has especially been the case since the 2017 release of the critically acclaimed Twin Peaks: The Return, which is the absolute definition of a comeback. Just last year, there were rumors that Lynch would have a film ready for a presentation at the Cannes Film Festival. However, he shot that rumor down in one of his charming daily weather report videos on his YouTube channel.

Rumors Abound 

There was another rumor a couple of years ago that Lynch had a new limited series in development called Wisteria. It was rumored to be done through Netflix. Lynch did, however, have a short film released through Netflix in 2020, which many saw as a sign. But that film was made in 2017 during the same time as Twin Peaks: The Return. Jordan Ruimy stated in a World of Reel article from last year that two of Lynch’s long-time collaborators, Naomi Watts and Laura Dern, were spotted attending a meeting at Netflix’s headquarters for a project that was undisclosed. But it seems nothing has come of that rumor.


David Lynch

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A 2023 Cannes Appearance

Now in 2023, David Lynch will, in fact, be involved with Cannes. However, his involvement is not in the way some might think. The David Lynch Foundation will be hosting a panel about film music, called “The Art of Movie Music.” And the legendary folk artist, Donovan, and rapper, Redman, will also be attending the panel. Alex Ritman wrote in The Hollywood Reporter that Lynch and Redman will be attending the panel, virtually using real-time avatar technology to create avatars for themselves. This tech is the same technology being used for Xavatar’s upcoming TV series, The Sync Report.

Though Lynch is not going to be at Cannes to show off a new film or show, it is nice that he will be there in some capacity. Many, I included, are still hoping Lynch will have some surprise announcement no one will see coming. However, it’s highly unlikely. But hey, one can dream. 

Mulholland Drive (2001). Official Universal Pictures Trailer. 

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