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Dead Talk Live To Host Franklin Ritch April 25, 2023

Franklin Ritch. The Artifice Girl

An Intriguing Exploration With Franklin Ritch

On April 25, 2023, Dead Talk Live will welcome a writer, actor, and director, Franklin Ritch. Ritch’s newest feature is the 2023 film The Artifice Girl. And in this up-close and personal interview with Franklin Ritch, viewers will be treated to a deep dive into The Artifice Girl, among other topics. This will be an episode sure to be a treasure. So, remember to set those reminders for April 25 at 8 pm Eastern Time. 

Franklin Ritch 

Franklin Ritch is an independent filmmaker. He is a jack of all trades, his trades including but indeed not limited to directing, editing, and writing. And his passion is tried and true, stemming from his early years. Ritch has developed quite a portfolio of works in the vein of short films and web series, amongst other projects within the medium of film. He has also collaborated with other consummate professionals in the industry, such as Emmy-winning cinematographer Britt Mc Tammany. However, the upcoming mystery sci-fi thriller The Artifice Girl serves as Ritch’s first full-feature film.

Franklin Ritch

The Artifice Girl 

The Artifice Girl takes viewers deep into the tech world. A new but needed cutting-edge development is put into commission. The product is one-of-a-kind AI technology developed to catch predators. However, as is often the case with the evolution of technology, something goes awry. And the AI rendering begins to evolve, advancing beyond what is deemed “its original purpose.”

You will want to tune in whether you are a fan of Sc-fi, technological advancement, thrillers, or a good mystery. If you are a fan of film and the process of what goes into directing and developing a creative project, this is undoubtedly an interview you will want to attend. Or, if you are just intrigued by what other creatives such as Ritch are doing in the industry, set the date. 

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