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Lucky Hank: Now Streaming

Lucky Hank

New on AMC+

Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) stars in Lucky Hank, which follows an English department chairman at an under-funded college, Professor Hank Devereaux toes the line between midlife crisis and full-blown meltdown, navigating the offbeat chaos in his personal and professional life.

Lucky Hank Details

The show is part drama and part comedy, also known as a “dramedy.” This falls right in Odenkirk’s purview. Bob Odenkirk is no stranger to the combination of bringing drama and comedy together. His memoir is titled, Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama: A Memoir. He also had his start in comedy on Mr. Show, written for Saturday Night Live. Additionally, he started as a comedic relief character on Breaking Bad. But he had a much more serious role with comedic undertones in Better Call Saul. His time as Saul Goodman solidified his ability to play both a funny and serious leading man. His performance and portrayal of Jimmy McGill turned Saul Goodman shines as it is so layered, well-acted, heartfelt, and extremely believable. Bob Odenkirk is an extremely talented actor that can fit into any genre but shines in dramas and comedies. 

Lucky Hank

Lucky Hank: Character and Plot  Points

Lucky Hank is definitely the opposite of a young, hopeful man wanting to practice law turned sleazy lawyer. In Lucky Hank, Bob Odenkirk plays a college professor in a very different environment, being an academic amongst other academics. The world of academia, especially from a college professor’s perspective, makes for compelling and interesting stories to be told, offering a unique take. It is certainly an opposing perspective from shows like HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, Hulu’s Scream Queens, and Netflix’s Dear White People, which predominantly focuses on student life. 

Lucky Hank is indeed unique in its focus on the world of academia. This series seems to point toward a new trend of highlighting the life of professors, especially following Netflix’s The Chair starring Sandra Oh. 

  For those looking for something different to sink their teeth into, Lucky Hank is now streaming on AMC+, with the season finale coming on May 4th.

Lucky Hank

Lucky Hank (2023). Official AMC Studios Trailer. 

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