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Dead Talk Live to Host Special Guest Nick and Tessa Groff of Groff Adventures

Nick & Tessa Groff

An Hour With A Paranormal Power Couple

On Wednesday, April 26, Dead Talk Live will host paranormal super couple Nick and Tessa Groff. As a pair set apart from the rest, they will come to enlighten viewers. They will discuss their upcoming featured web series and discuss other lively and fascinating topics. And it’s all happening at 3 PM Eastern Time on April 26. 

The Pair 

Nick and Tessa Groff are gifted paranormal investigators who use their talents to explore the spiritual world right before the eyes of millions. With their newest venture, the web series Groff Adventures, the pair will take viewers on an unparalleled journey into the spirit world. And it is an adventure poised to be an absolute delight to fans of the paranormal. That makes this extraordinary interview one that viewers will not want to miss. 

Nick Groff

Nick Groff is a paranormal investigator with a fascination for the subject that stretches back to his childhood. While childhood was the nurturing ground, Groff cultivated that affinity, which became a passion leading to the vast array of material he would present to the masses. His first documentary Ghost Adventures, premiered in 2007 on the Sy-Fy Channel. Respectfully, that first episode was an early indicator of the success Groff would have. According to IMDB, the premiere garnered 1.4 million views, which was a prelude to the overwhelming success the series would become. Groff continued with that passion and expanded his reach into the paranormal. 

Nick & Tessa Groff

Tessa Groff 

Tessa Is Nick’s other half and fellow paranormal enthusiast. She is not only an enthusiast but also owns her gift in the field of the supernatural, being a professed medium. Tessa was featured in the reality TV series Death Walker, which investigated haunting across America with a high level of notoriety. And now she will work alongside Nick as they display their gifts and talents, an indomitable power couple in the paranormal sector.

Why Watch?

For those with a penchant for the supernatural or a hankering for the offbeat world of the paranormal, this episode is one to mark on the books. Or if a passion for couples who dominate in their field of choice stimulates your interest, set those reminders. Even for those who are just plain inquisitive and want to know what it’s like to make the paranormal a life’s passion, tune in. No matter the reason, take a minute to sit in with Dead Talk Live on April 25, 2023, to catch the incomparable Nick and Tessa Groff.

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

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