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“From Black” Anna Camp and Director Thomas Marchese Join DTL

Marchese and Camp Discuss Loss, Grief, and the Occult

On the latest episode of Dead Talk Live, actress Anna Camp and director Thomas Marchese joined John Vizaniaris to discuss their upcoming film, From Black, which will be available exclusively on Shutter. 

The 2023 horror stars Camp as Cora, a recovering drug addict who is desperate for closure and burdened with guilt after the disappearance of her son, Noah. Cora is presented with a bizarre offer to learn the truth and set things right. But how far is Cora willing to go, and is she prepared to pay a terrifying price for a chance to be with her son again? 

During the interview, Camp was asked what it was like to portray a mother riddled with guilt and getting into the mind space of losing a child. 

“It’s a very difficult place to put yourself as an actor,” said Camp. “But it’s actually a huge gift that I was given when I read the story and I read the script. To get to be able to play all these horrible things was something I was looking for as an actress.”

From Black DTL Anna Camp

Later in the episode, Marchese touches on his reasoning for segmenting the film into chapters and having the titles build towards something horrific throughout the story. 

“I just like the idea of starting that, once the actual ritual has commenced,” said Marchese. Once they start taking steps towards doing this thing. I liked, kind of the build up, cause those to me are more than being separate little vignettes or whatever. We’re building towards something.”  

Marchese who co-wrote the script with Jessub Flower admits he did almost zero research into the occult and rituals, which plays heavily into the film. Marchese states he wanted the rituals to be “something onto itself” and focus on making the world as real and grounded as possible.

Camp chimed in saying, “And with all the drawings on the floor I didn’t want to invoke anything,” laughed the actress. 

From Black will be available to stream on Shutter on April 28th, 2023. 

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From Black DTL Anna Camp

From Black (2023) Official Darkrooms Films Trailer

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