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Incomparable Kristina Klebe to Join Dead Talk Live April 27, 2023

Kristina Klebe

A Power Hour With an Invaluable Treasure

On April 27, 2003, Dead Talk Live will welcome the phenomenally talented Kristina Klebe to talk about her career, passion, and pursuits, among other topics. This hour with the renowned Klebe will begin at 4 pm Eastern time, so mark the date and set those reminders.

Kristina Klebe 

Kristina Klebe is an astounding talent with diverse credits within the tv/film industry. Many may remember Klebe for her standout role as Lynda in Rob Zombies 2007 Halloween feature. However, Klebe’s filmography has enormous depth. Klebe has over 80 acting credits which span various genres and mediums. But Klebe’s industry presence is not limited to acting. She is also a producer, director, and writer, amongst other things. One of her most recent writing/acting endeavors was with the 2021 feature horror film Two Witches. 

Kristina Klebe

A Treasured Resource 

Klebe’s reach is unbelievable. She has been a student of both film and theatre and has had great success with her professional career in the domestic and international markets, specifically in Europe. She is a scholar, an enthusiast, and a philanthropist. Klebe is a maverick with a wealth of experience. And Thursday, she will make an appearance on Dead Talk Live to share some of that with the world. 

Don’t miss this upcoming episode, which promises to be riveting. There is much value in being in the presence of and learning from those who have not only traveled a path but have become masters along that course. It is not often one gets an invaluable opportunity to do such. That opportunity will present itself for an hour this Thursday, May 27, so don’t miss out. 

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

Kristina Klebe

Two Witches (2021). Official Arrow Films trailer.

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