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Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience (2023): A Review

Dunkirk VR Experience

An Immersive Experience Into Dunkirk

The New Way of Watching Dunkirk

The movie Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan, was released by Warner Bros. Studio with the virtual reality edition in 2017. The movie focuses on the invasion of France by Germany in 1940. With air and ground cover from the British and French forces, 330,000 French, British, Belgian, and Dutch troops safely moved out of the beaches of Dunkirk.  

The Review of Dunkirk in VR 

Dunkirk utilizes a dark tone to emphasize the event and increase the intensity of the film for the audience. The plots and the pace of presenting the story are consistent and well-connected. Nolan tells the story of one of Tommy, who is a surviving soldier from the German ambush. With the brutal massacre that he witnessed, a strong desire to live drove his determination to escape from the beach. 

Now that Warner Bros. Studio released the VR edition of the movie, the audiences are able to experience the severeness and breathtaking battleground scenes of the characters in the war field. Audiences are able to watch the clips of the movie in virtual reality on YouTube and stand with the main characters to sense the feeling of desperation and loneliness. Although the video clips do not have an explicit story, each clip is embedded with plots to attract audiences’ attention, making the viewers become one of the soldiers from the movie. With the implementation of virtual reality technology, viewers are able to connect to the emotions of the film characters. 

Dunkirk VR

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The Performance of Animated Characters

The original movie starred Harry Styles and Fionn Whitehead. The acting in the film is vivid, which makes the audience feel more in touch with the characters. In the film, the characters display logical reactions to the incidents like bombings, attacks, and massacres. The audience can sense the emotions of desperation, fear, and hope from the actors’ strong performances. In Dunkirk’s virtual reality edition, although there are no actors performing, it still contains characters’ reactions and presents the heaviness of their emotions. In this five-minute video, the audiences are able to be in the movie and watch the characters in front of them as if they’re really there. 

Cinematography in VR

In the original film, Nolan utilized the technique of a handheld camera for most of the scenes to capture the audience and improve the authenticity of the film. The light and shadows are controlled with an amount that perfectly fits with the movie that builds the convincing atmosphere for a battleground and war field. At the beginning of the virtual reality video, it shows the audience the location of the storyline. Then, as the audience “arrives” at the beach, the viewers are able to move their mouses to explore the entire area. With the gloomy sunlight shining through the clouds, the experience creates a deep sense of despair for the audience. While the viewer sinks into the sea, the soundtrack creates the silence with echoes as the audience keeps sinking with other bodies in the scene. Although there are no camera movements in the video because the audiences decide the angles they can look into, the lighting, color tone, and framing of the video build the atmosphere of a desperate battleground, evoking nostalgia and desire of going back to the hometown of the soldiers. 

Final Rating of the Video 

Overall, considering the framing, color grading, and characters’ portrayals, the video implemented the technology of virtual reality well with Dunkirk. By utilizing VR, the audience can better understand the emotions and feelings of the main characters from the original film. The immersive experience brings a breathtaking viewing process to the audience. The distribution on the streaming platforms provides the viewers access to be on the battleground with other characters as they wait to hopefully return home with profound despair. 

Dunkirk VR

Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience Official Warner Bros. Pictures Trailer

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