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Ahsoka: The Jedi’s Path To The Disney+ Series


Everything You Need To Know About The Journey Of Ahsoka

By Matt Keyser

The Fan Favorite Jedi Takes the Lead in Her Own Limited Series

The upcoming Disney Plus series Ahsoka has generated a lot of buzz among Star Wars fans, and many are eager to learn where it fits within the franchise’s extensive timeline. With details of the series plot still being kept under the Imperial Guard of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, this doesn’t mean we don’t have a good idea of where Ahsoka’s upcoming story will take place. Thanks to extensive research, we can piece together a rough idea of where the series fits within the Star Wars timeline and its connection to other properties.

The Story of a Fallen Jedi

It’s been fifteen years since Ahsoka Tano was introduced as Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice in the hit animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, voiced by Ashley Eckstein. Ahsoka’s introduction was a bit controversial at the time, as many Star Wars fans rejected the idea of Anakin having an apprentice. Eventually, fans started to warm up to the character as they watched her evolve from a young, arrogant padawan to a skilled and patient Jedi Knight. Under the mentorship of Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka became an integral figure throughout the Clone Wars. She’s been involved in key moments throughout the series and is seen holding her own against the likes of Asajj Ventress, Aurra Sing, General Grievous, and Darth Maul.

In season 5 of The Clone Wars, Ahsoka was expelled from the Jedi Order after she was framed for bombing a hangar in the Jedi Temple. After being wrongly convicted by the Jedi Council, Ahsoka escapes prison and discovers that her friend and fellow padawan, Bariss Offee, was responsible for the attack. The revelation allowed Ahsoka to clear her name and return to the Jedi Order, but she reluctantly declined and walked away from the Order. Ahoska’s decision stemmed from realizing how easy it was for the council to turn on her and her faith in the Order being shaken.

In the final season of The Clone Wars, we see Ahsoka — who no longer identifies herself as a Jedi Knight — tasked with helping Bo-Katan Kryze retake Manadlore from Darth Maul. In an epic duel, Ahsoka defeats Maul and detains him onboard the Star Destroyer Tribunal along with the 332nd company. This event coincides with Palpatine issuing Order 66, and Ahsoka abruptly fights her way through the 332nd company, crashing the Tribunal and escaping. 

Joining the Rebels

In the 2016 Star Wars novel Ahsoka, the story follows Ahsoka’s exile after the events of Order 66. Here, she goes by the name Ashla on the rural outer rim planet Thabeska, and later as a mechanic on the moon planet Raada. After a run-in with the crime syndicate known as The Black Sun, she eventually joins forces with Bail Organa becoming a Rebel Fulcrum Agent. This is where we catch up with her in Star Wars: Rebels when she meets the crew of The Ghost, including Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, and Ezra Bridger. 

During her time in Rebels, Ahsoka works with Ezra and his crew on several occasions to help take down Grand Admiral Thrawn and weaken the Empire. She eventually runs into Darth Vader in a Sith temple on Malachor and is shocked to discover that Anakin Skywalker is not only alive but has fallen to the dark side. She confronts her former master in a duel to help Ezra escape and traps herself along with Vader in the temple as it comes crashing down. Later, in a crazy time travel plot that sees Ezra venture through The World Between Worlds (a mystical plane within the Force that serves as a collection of doorways between time and space), he witnesses Ahsoka and Vader’s duel and pulls her out right before her demise, saving her. 

The finale of Rebels ends with Ezra sacrificing himself in a final battle against Thrawn on the planet Lothal. It is here where we see Ezra use the Purrgil (the hyperspace whales Gogru sees in season 3 of The Mandalorian) to take him and Thrawn to an unknown destination far into the galaxy. 


Ahsoka’s Return in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett

Now, this is where things in the Star Wars timeline get a little confusing. At the end of Rebels, the final episode’s epilogue flashes forward to some point after the events of Return of the Jedi and the original trilogy. Sabine narrates how she stuck around to protect Lothal in case the Empire ever returned. In the final scene, Ahsoka appears, now much older than when we last saw her and dressed similarly to Gandalf the White with a large staff. Sabine realizes that Ezra was counting on her to find him and the two go off in what we assume is a rescue mission to bring Ezra home. 

When Ahsoka is reintroduced in live-action in season 2 of The Mandalorian (this time portrayed by Rosario Dawson), we see her alone and only searching for Thrawn, not Ezra. This confused fans as they thought Ahsoka’s appearance in The Mandalorian would pick up right after that final scene in Rebels. With no mention of Ezra or Sabine, Ahsoka’s presence throughout The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett saw her as merely a connecting character between Din Jarin, Gogru, and Luke Skywalker. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Dave Filoni addressed this issue by stating Ahsoka’s timeline is a little more complex.

“I think the thing that people will most not understand is they want to go in a linear fashion, but as I learned as a kid, nothing in Star Wars really works in a linear fashion,” said Filoni. “So in the vein of that history, when you look at the epilogue of Rebels you don’t really know how much time has passed. So, it’s possible that the story I’m telling in The Mandalorian actually takes place before that. Possible. I’m saying it’s possible.”

A New Journey

Filoni’s statement suggests that the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett could take place right before we see Ahsoka pick up Sabine on Lothal. And given what we’ve seen in the Ahsoka trailer, which was released earlier this month at Star Wars Celebration in London, it’s very likely this is where we meet our heroes at the start of the series. The trailer gives fans a glimpse into the show’s plot and sees the return of popular characters. We see Ahsoka speaking to Sabine (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) in what looks like the same place on Lothal where we last left them at the end of Rebels. Sabine tells Ahsoka, “It’s been a while,” to which Ahsoka replies, “Things have changed,” indicating she’s been hearing whispers about Grand Admiral Thrawn’s (Lars Mikkelsen) return. The trailer alludes to Ahsoka recruiting Sabine and Hera (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) in hunting down Thrawn so they can find Ezra (Eman Esfandi) and bring him home. 

Though the series looks to likely connect the ending of Rebels with the current timeline. Star Wars fans are hoping the series will also explain Ahsoka’s whereabouts during the events of the original trilogy. Fortunately, a clue in the series logo might have already given a hint to this explanation. Many fans believe the illustration behind the logo is actually a reference to The World Between Worlds. The mystic plane within the Star Wars universe could potentially explain where Ahsoka has been during the events of the original trilogy. Is it possible Ahsoka reentered The World Between Worlds and embarked on a spiritual journey? And if so, what did she discover? Or did she just lie low on some outer-rim planet until she got word of Thrawn’s return?

What we do know is the former Jedi is looking to set things right and help put an end to the Empire once and for all. Here’s hoping the series lives up to the hype this summer!

Ahsoka premieres on Disney Plus in August 2023.


Ahsoka (2023) Official Disney+ Series

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