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What Do We Know About Amazons Upcoming Mighty Nein Series?


A Look Into The Next Adventurers By The Heroes Behind The Legends Of Vox Machina

By Guillermo Rosario

After the success of The Legend of Vox Machina, Critical Role has announced another animated series based on their campaigns. The Mighty Nein takes place on the continent of Wildemount, in the world of Exandria,  neighboring the kingdom of Tal’Dorei. This new series will follow a diverse cast of characters with moral alignments even more chaotic than the crew of Vox Machina. The journey of the Mighty Nein goes from personal growth to going out of their way to save the gritty world they inhabit from certain doom as tensions reign between two conflicting empires and nations.

The Gritty World of Wildemount

Wildemount is divided from Tal’Dorei by a viscous current of water known as the Shearing Channel. The region has suffered through its own history of upheaval. Wildemount is primarily run by the Dwendalian Empire, a ruling party of affable nobles and rulers responsible for most of the power upheaval and dangers that envelope the region. The continent is geographically much larger than Tal-dorei, the continent where Vox Machina resides, and thus offers a massive scale for adventures.

The Rogue Gallery Of Mighty Nein

The Mighty Nein party is much more neutral compared to Vox Machina. While the majority of the Vox Machina crew are affable, with some members having a darker history and hoping for redemption, Mighty Nein seems to revel in the ambiguity of their moral alignments. They cheat, lie, steal, and sell questionable items for profit or themselves. However, much of the story follows how despite these flaws they are still characters viewers would root for.

The party also has a fair diversity in terms of fantasy races, classes, and depictions. One of the lead members of the party is Fjord, a half-orc warlock, who sailed the coastlines. There are two human party members as well. There’s Beau, the cynical monk, and Caleb, the wandering wizard. The others are the tieflings Jester and Mollymauk, Veth, the halfling who was transformed into a goblin for some time, the aasimar barbarian Yasha, and the Firbolg cleric Caduceus, who is the heart and moral fiber of the group at first.


How Do They Compare To Vox Machina

Many players of the first Critical Role Campaign have returned to play as and portray the characters in Mighty Nein. Each cast member is a professional voice actor with extensive backgrounds in anime, video games, and animated projects. The fun of Dungeons and Dragons is the capacity to portray all different kinds of characters. As a result, many of the voice actors from Legend of Vox Machina will return and play different types of characters from before.

The actors are Laura Bailey (Vex’ahlia), who will portray Jester. Taliesin Jaffe (Percival) will portray both Mollymauk and Caduceus. Ashley Johnson (Pike) will return as Yasha, Liam O’Brien (Vax’ildan) will return as Caleb Widogast. Marisha Ray (Keyleth) will return to be Beauregard. Sam Riegal (Scanlan and Taryon) portrays Veth, the halfling who turned into a goblin. Finally, Travis Willingham (Grog) will return as Fjord. Matt Mercer, who’s the Dungeon Master for both campaigns, will also voice a variety of side characters throughout the animation like he did before.

Not much is known as of yet when Mighty Nein will be released on Amazon, especially since the events of the campaign take place 20 years after the campaign journeys of Vox Machina. With season 2 of Vox Machina concluding with the team still needing to find several more vestiges to fight off the Chroma Conclave, It’s possible that even though the series was announced, it might get held up until The Legend of Vox Machina concludes its story with both the Chroma Conclave and their final battle.

Critical Role is an incredible passion project, and the behind-the-scenes of how the animated adaptation came to be is inspirational by itself. The adventures and the dynamics of all the characters are bound to continue in Mighty Nein, and as the world of Exandria gets bigger, viewers will get to see the unlikely heroes of Wildemount.


Mighty Nein Prime Video Announcement Teaser

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