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1923 Cast & Costume Designer Appear at Paley Center Exhibition

1023 Cast Costume Designer Janie Bryant

The Yellowstone Prequel Crew Celebrated Janie Bryant

Fans of 1923 are aware of the cast’s undeniable on-screen talent, but what about the brains behind the camera? After all, a period production such as this one includes many moving parts and research to guarantee their work looks, sounds and is identical to the early 1900s. That’s why the Paley Center for Media in New York City recently celebrated the Paramount+ series’ costume designer, Janie Bryant. 

The renowned institution hosted a full exhibition that put Bryant’s detailed designs from 1923 on full display — from Helen Mirren’s iconic blue dress to Harrison Ford’s worn-out jacket and gear that they wore in season 1. Now that Paramount has confirmed that season 2 is in the works, fans are dying to see how the spinoff’s second season will unfold following those first-season cliffhangers. 

Along with Bryant, several cast members walked the red carpet at the event: Jennifer Ehle (Sister Mary) and Julia Schlaepfer (Alexandra) came with their family members and socialized with attendees. 

When it comes to the upcoming second season, Bryant told Dead Talk News that she’s “excited for the next journey.” 

“Taylor Sheridan, the writer and creator of the show, I always know it’s going to be an epic adventure,” the award-winning designer said. “So, I’m sure whatever he is conjuring up right now is going to be totally inspiring.” 

Moderating the subsequent Q&A with Bryant was Carson Kressley, who brought all of the comedy and buoyancy to the room. 

1023 Cast Costume Designer Janie Bryant

When asked how she climbed the Hollywood ladder as a costume designer, Bryant recalled moving to New York to pursue an assistant design job. However, she later moved to Los Angeles to gain more experience in the industry, admitting that she didn’t like the first movie she worked on. 

“It’s hard,” Bryant confessed, referring to the long, hard hours on a film set. But she “stuck it out” and “just kept on doing it” over time. 

Although she didn’t know anyone at first, Bryant met several people along the way, which led to her being offered the chance to design for Mad Men and Deadwood

Since she’s worked on the Yellowstone universe’s spinoffs — 1883 and 1923 — Bryant emphasized that a lot of research goes into her design process, such as with the character Teonna Rainwater and the abusive boarding school she attends. And to top it all off, the production shot scenes across several continents with thousands of extras on set, from Montana to South Africa, and to Malta. So, the designer’s work was definitely cut out for her, but she clearly excelled in the end. 

Bryant’s detail-oriented work is the backbone of 1923. While she’s not seen on screen with the cast, she and the actors have a strong working relationship that will continue into the show’s upcoming season. 

1923 is currently streaming on Paramount+. 

1023 Cast Costume Designer Janie Bryant

1923 (2023): Official Paramount+ Trailer

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