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Franklin Ritch Explores Newest Project on Dead Talk Live

Franklin Ritch

A Moment of Exploration with a Talented Creative

Franklin Ritch dropped in with Dead Talk Live to discuss his new sci-fi thriller The Artifice Girl, an out-of-this-world story about an evolving AI. 

No prelude was necessary. The interview took off full speed ahead, addressing The Artifice Girl. Ritch tackled the opening question with finesse. He expertly elaborated on the importance of lines delivered in the opening segment, which sets up his thriller as a cinematic piece broaching the topics of ethics and technology. 

Ritch Goes Deeper Into The Artifice Girl 

Ritch went on to broach his perspective on advancements in technology. And through that exploration, he bridged the gap between his relative position and its impact on the film’s development. This flowed into a drill down to the primary subject “Cherry,” and what Ritch hoped audiences would draw from their encounter with his creation. This was far from the end of the discussion.

Ritch went on to explore another pivotal character, rich and variant, Garreth, and his role in the piece. This finally culminated in a discourse on storytelling, the climatic point, and his methodology. Proudly Ritch exclaimed his piece is primarily conversant; however, in his words, “There is a point where conversation can do no more.” Thus, the method of storytelling expands lending to a multi-faceted and robust approach. 


Franklin Ritch "The Artifice Girl."

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Who is Franklin Ritch

Franklin Ritch is a talented director who not only framed a unique narrative but took center stage as Garreth. However, this is not unexpected for this talent, as he is a triple threat. He writes, directs, and acts. And with more than a few projects under his belt, Ritch has become quite the talent to watch. His recent feature The Artifice Girl, stands as proof of the extent of his creative potential. 

A Standout Recap

This interview with Ritch is worth the watch for science fiction and technology fans who love the blend of such in a great thriller. This interview is especially for those interested in how a great story is developed using a common theme but with a variant approach. Ritch has an impressive talent for telling and expanding a story through modalities such as simple conversation. And his interview exemplifies the richness that defines his process and his output. If you missed this intriguing interview, catch the recap.

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The Artifice Girl  2023 (2023). Official XYZ Films trailer.

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