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Writers Guild of America (WGA) Goes On Strike

Writers Guild of America

Are We At The Dawn Of Great Change?

By Max Kohn

According to Deadline.com, The Writers Guild of America has gone on strike, shutting down all writing until the Guild and the studios reach a deal. On May 1st, the CBA expired without the two sides being able to make a deal.

This comes after an April 17th vote by the WGA, with 97.85% voting to strike if a deal wasn’t met by May 1st.

This is the first time since 2007 that the Writers Guild has gone on strike. In each instance, the focus came from the lack of an ability to pay writers fairly in eras of new technology. In 2007, a big demand was pay for digital shorts, which were posted online. This time around, the focus comes with the advent of streaming. The WGA claims that studios have used streaming as a way to pay writers less.

Another demand of the WGA is that TV writers not be subject to “mini rooms,” which are essentially rooms with fewer people, less time, and no extra pay for their efforts.

Writers Guild of America

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The strike means that all TV and film union writing stops. Multiple late-night shows will not air episodes in the coming days and weeks. In addition, upcoming episodes of “Saturday Night Live” have been canceled. Eventually, TV shows will stop airing new episodes, and movies will not be sold.

A big concern of the WGA is job insecurity, comparing the wages of current TV and Film writers to those of a 9 to 5 job. Obviously, writing for major networks is a much harder task.

There have been multiple picket lines across the country, mainly in New York and Los Angeles. These picket lines have been outside big studio upfronts, with hundreds, if not thousands of writers, holding signs and marching.

Thus far, talks for a CBA have failed, with the counter-proposals of the studios not up to the standards that the WGA is demanding.

Writers Guild of America

CBS Morning News: Production Halted On Many Shows As Entertainment Writers Go On Strike

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Max Kohn is a sophomore at The City at of New York studying film. He is a fiction track student who is an aspiring writer/director.