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Nick and Tessa Groff Paranormal Power Couple Illuminate Dead Talk Live

Nick and Tessa Groff

An Evening With Paranormal Super Pair

The atmosphere was electric as the dynamic power couple Nick and Tessa Groff sat eager and ready to dive in. On April 26, the paranormal power couple Nick and Tessa Groff welcomed a fully open discourse with Dead Talk Live. They were rapt and prepared to address a range of subjects that spanned, from topics regarding personal passions and profession to hot-button issues. 

Nick and Tessa Groff, A Lovely Pair of Paranormal Experts 

As the two settled into the conversation their exuberance was palpable. The first item on the agenda was their relationship and partnership as husband and wife. Their affections were obvious and a pleased Nick looked on as Tessa navigated the topic easily, taking viewers back to when the pair first met. And from there, the stage was set. And an exploration of Tessa’s gift as a medium and her contribution to the team was first on the program. The inquiry  progressively dug deeper into the very depths of her gift and what that entails daily. And what she reveals is quite exciting.


Nick and Tessa Groff

Other Projects and Deeper Dive into Divining

The conversation soon turned to other projects,one being Death Walker. But  it did not rest there long and again, swung back to Tessa. This time the interview opened into the discussion on the  expanse of the spirit world and the actualities opposed to what is televised. As Tessa so eloquently states in a moment where she works to clarify and offer context on the divining of spirits cutting to the quick she elicits. “When dealing with the paranormal world, it’s more than what people make it out to be.”This is largely due to the vastness of the paranormal field which is barely tapped into during public televising. 

TNT Moment With Nick and Tessa Groff

Then the bomb dropped, and the conversation curtailed into one of the hottest trending topics surrounding Nick Groff. And the elephant in the room was a specific address to the cancellation of Destination Fear. And it was informative. But as with the natural turn of things the discourse then devolves into more personalized matters of affinities for horror and family, which was a beautiful way to conclude an intense and informative segment.

For the paranormal lover or adventurer this is a special segment you will surely want to view.If you missed this electric pair live there is no need to worry the recap is currently streaming awaiting the viewers pleasure.

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Thank You, and Stay Walking!

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