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 Will There Be More John Wick Movies?

John Wick

Will The Boogeyman Return?

John Wick Chapter 4 was released in cinemas in March, bookending the franchise and providing the title character with a send-off. However, the film went on to have the biggest opening weekend for the franchise and the highest-grossing box office worldwide. In a world where studios are looking for any lucrative franchise, it seems unlikely that Lionsgate would let John Wick go, so what possible films could the studio have in the works?

John Wick Chapter 5

The obvious continuation is figuring out how to bring Keanu Reeves back as the star of a fifth film. Before Chapter 4 was released, Chapter 5 was in the works, only to suddenly disappear. There hasn’t been an official statement as to why a fifth film was dropped, but after the success of the fourth film, Lionsgate announced they were interested in revitalizing the film. 

The obvious drawback is that John Wick died at the end of Chapter 4. Rumors have speculated online whether or not John Wick truly died at the end of the film, ranging from John Wick faking his death to Winston healing his wounds. These speculations could allow the studio the opportunity to write themselves out of the unfortunate ending and carry the franchise further.

The Continental

Besides a fifth film, the franchise is confirmed to continue on the small screen. Later this fall, Peacock is set to release a three-episode prequel titled The Continental, following a young Winston as he takes over the hotel. Despite the series being set in the 1970s, Keanu Reeves is supposed to appear in the series. Whether or not that comes to fruition, the world of John Wick will continue. Similarly, if the series performs well, there’s no reason for the streaming service not to produce more seasons and bring John Wick more prominently into the series.

John Wick Continental


Television isn’t the only format where the world of John Wick and the Continental will continue. A spin-off film titled Ballerina has already been greenlighted and is currently in production, with Ana de Armas leading the film. The movie is a solo film for the character of Roony, introduced in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. The film takes place between the third and fourth film, with Keanu Reeves again set to portray John Wick. Similar to The Continental, the extent of the character’s role in the film is unknown, whether he will play a prominent supporting role or a brief cameo. Nevertheless, the film will allow audiences to see John Wick back on the big screen.

Caine & Akira spinoff

For those who stuck around after the credits rolled for Chapter 4, a brief end-credit scene hinted toward a potential spin-off. During this scene, Akira is shown still wanting revenge for her father’s death as she walks toward Caine in a crowded city walkway. Before the scene cuts to black, Akira can be shown pulling out a knife as she inches closer to Caine.

It seems unlikely that John Wick would make an appearance in this spin-off as it would be set after the events of Chapter 4, with John Wick allegedly dead. However, as mentioned before, if the filmmakers decide to bring the assassin back to life, then Reeves can also make an appearance in this film. Nevertheless, if this film ends up being greenlit, it opens the door for Lionsgate to spin the two characters off in their own franchise and keep the John Wick universe going.

The first three John Wick films are currently streaming on Peacock.

John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023). Official Lionsgate Trailer

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