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You, Season 4 (2023): A Review

You Season 4

A Closer Look At a Cosmopolitan Serial Killer

By Jodie G

You: Season 4 (2023) A Review

Joe Goldberg. Will YOU ever stop? Will someone finally take YOU out? Season 4 of You is one we all can’t stop watching. 

Brilliantly written by showrunner Sera Gamble and produced by Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo, You Seasons 1-3 follow the main character Joe Goldberg played by American actor Penn Badgley. The protagonist is cleverly disguised each season as an everyday “Joe” serial killer. The overarching storyline consists of Joe perpetually obsessing over a chosen woman whom he admires from afar. Joe then transpires into an overbearing stalker and then somehow lands in pseudo-boyfriend territory. What keeps viewers engaged is Joe’s increasingly dynamic character and the hope that his chosen prey can escape his delusional grasp. Each season features a cast of new and familiar faces, from the likes of Victoria Pedretti, John Stamos, and Jenna Ortega, just to name a few. 

Season 4 of You, Storyline 

Packed with major White Lotus vibes of exorbitant parties and shallow relationships comes an interesting and refreshing new spin on You with Season 4. 

The ever-so-creepy Joe Goldberg keeps reeling us further into his madness as he rubs elbows with some of London’s most elite, disconnected, and privileged in-crowd. Season 4s new characters do an excellent job of encapsulating today’s “social-media influencers” vibe and perplexing “checked-out elitism.”  

With globetrotting Joe’s hoard of new acquaintances, paired with a familiar Clue-like vibe, we can’t help but wonder who this new killer dubbed the “Eat-the-rich” killer is. The new murderer is perplexing Joe and unnerving him, giving Joe a taste of his own medicine (finally). The Eat-the-rich killer makes us all wonder who could make Joe freaking Goldberg feel threatened? 


Highlighted Characters  

Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) is back; this time, she seems to be constantly looking over her shoulder. Although we hope she can just live her life in London, her sassy and quick-witted character will have to figure out if Joe is still after her. Has he found another obsession to replace her with? Or perhaps he has had a change of heart and will leave everyone alone? For once.  

One of the best subplots of this season is the relationship between Joe and the character Nadia. Nadia (Amy Leigh-Hickman) portrays a student of Joe’s at the University where he teaches, and she seems to hold Joe in a mentor-type position. Her endearing and intelligent character soon shows us exactly what she is capable of as she struggles with her “killer” intuition vs. kind-hearted nature. Will Joe choose her as another victim for his obsessive love fantasies?

A slew of other whimsical and unique characters keep the storyline imbibed with zany behavior and charismatic acting. Each new character adds layers of mystery and stimulates intrigue, increasing the tension and making it impossible to figure out who the killer is. 

Final Rating 

The 4th season’s cat-and-mouse chase of which predator will discover who first leaves viewers in anticipation after each episode. Will Joe discover his admirer, that seems more unhinged than Joe? Or will the killer be discovered by Joe’s expert stalking abilities? With plenty of mega twists at the end that will leave any viewer reeling and in shock, the storyline of Season 4 was exactly what we all were hoping for. As bodies pile up and chaos ensues, one cannot help but click “watch another episode.”

Watch You Season 4 on Netflix. 


You (2023) Official Season 4 Netflix Trailer

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Jodie is a University of Washington student in the writing/editing program while taking additional writing courses at Seattle Central College. Jodie aspires to work in the tv, film, and entertainment industry. Influences include Tolstoy, Palahniuk, Brontë, Steinbeck, D. Sedaris and Pearl S. Buck.