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Happy Valley Is Back For One Final Nail-biting Go     

Happy Valley

The Last Round

After seven long years, Happy Valley is back by popular demand for a third and final season.

The Final Showdown

When we catch up with Sarah Lancashire’s Sergeant Catherine Cawood, it’s several years later. Season 3 jumpstarts with her discovery of a gangland murder victim, leading her to her arch nemesis, Tommy Lee Royce. Cawood is about to retire, but can’t yet because she’s been locked in a final showdown with this murderer and rapist.

Underpinnings of A Family Drama

Cawood is desperate to solve the murder puzzle but is also haunted by her own home life. Ryan, her grandson, is navigating whether he wants to pursue a relationship with his father. This is the same father that Cawood won’t even acknowledge, further complicating things.

A Different Kind of Hero

Moreover, this inside look into Cawood’s personal struggles is what sets apart this crime drama series from the rest. Another unique aspect is how an older female lead carries the show. In turn, the critical acclaim this series has garnered is a testament to how viewers will watch female protagonists — well past their stereotypical, cultural prime. We need more visibility of stories like this one. 

Happy Valley

Critical Acclaim Since Its Debut in the U.K.

We often want to wait for the reviews to pour in before we choose to invest in a series, but there’s no need. Since the season 3 debut of Happy Valley in England, critics have praised the incredible performances and outstanding writing. Creator Sally Wainwright said she is hopeful that this is their best season yet. And with an average of nine million viewers in the U.K. per episode, the numbers don’t lie.

How to Watch Happy Valley

For those just hearing about the series, viewers can catch up on season 1 on BBC America from May 8th to the 10th and follow it up with season 2 that will premiere on May 15th to the 17th. Next, fans will be prepared to tackle the most harrowing season yet, season 3, on Monday, May 22nd on BBC America, AMC+ and Acorn TV.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley (2023): Official BBC Trailer 

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