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Suzume (2023): Makoto Shinkai’s Anime

Suzume 2023

An Immersive, Colorful Experience

Suzume, directed by Makoto Shinkai, was produced by CoMix Wave Films and was released by Toho in theaters in April 2023. This movie focuses on a teenager, Suzume Iwato, whose voice is performed by Nanoka Hara. Suzume travels on a mission to save her country. With a particular skill, she can see supernatural visions that no one else can see, and she must close the doors that spread chaos across the land to save Japan.

A Journey About a Teenager

Suzume is an adventure and animation film. Similar to director Shinkai’s previous films, Your Name and Weathering with You, Suzume continues to apply the vivid sceneries of towns and cities in Japan. through the experience of seeing the beautiful views of Japan, the story expands with Suzume meeting someone named Sōta Munakata. They embark on a journey from Suzume’s hometown to Tokoyo to lock the doors that leak disasters into the country. Although the goal is to encounter the demons, the pace throughout the film is mild and peaceful when Suzume interacts with people and experiences their lives during the journey. In places, Suzume, whose mother passed away when she was little, feels the warmth and the precious feelings shared between people. Shinkai employs a warm tone throughout the film when Suzume interacts with others. The color tone of the film demonstrates that Suzume enjoys interactions with people and her resolution of saving the world.

When watching the film, the audience can feel the importance of people’s connections and their interactions by seeing colors and objects like cooking pots, beds, and farming tools. By experiencing the adventure with Suzume, the audience will be able to have similar feelings about human goodness and beauty, which would also draw the audience’s motivation and resolution of saving the world with Suzume. In the film, Shinkai embeds the story plot of having Sōta being cursed to become a small stool to make the story more interesting. Additionally, this setting sets more challenges for the protagonists, and it adds more suspension for the audience.

Suzume 2023

Performance in Animation

Although the film is an animation, the performance is vivid as the characters naturally respond to certain incidents. The facial expressions and actions performed by the animated characters are detailed and practical compared to the real world. Even though Sōta becomes a small stool in the film, Shinkai strategically adds two holes on the stool as the eyes so that the audience is able to utilize their imagination to envision Sōta’s actions and facial expressions. With lifelike tears and smiles, audiences are able to invest their emotions in the characters. The protagonists’ voice actors, Nanoka Hara, and Hokuto Matsumura, performed well with the characters’ feelings, such as sadness and joy with the pitches and tones of voices.

Cinematography in Suzume

Shinkai utilizes numerous wide shots to demonstrate the sceneries of towns and cities in Japan and increase the authenticity of the views. The director mainly uses natural sunshine as the light source when the pace slows down. When Suzume and Sōta start to experience disasters or challenging situations, the tone changes from warm to cold by switching the light sources, like from sunshine to rain. Not only that, but when Suzume experiences moments such as happiness or despair, Shinkai uses close-up shots to depict the character’s emotional transitions to the audience.

Final Rating of the Film

Overall, considering the framing, characters’ performance, and visual composition in the film, Suzume provides an outstanding viewing experience for the audience. With vivid and expansive sceneries, Shinkai evokes excitement from the audience. However, the director does not embed sufficient story plots to elaborate on the relationship between Suzume and Sōta.

By utilizing VR, the audience can better understand the main characters thoughts from the original film. The immersive experience ultimately brings a breathtaking viewing process. The distribution on the streaming platforms provides access for viewers to be on the battleground with other characters and wait for the hope of getting back home with despair and nervousness.

Suzume 2023

Suzume (2023): Official Trailer

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