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The Full Trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City Is Out Now

Dead City

New City, New Threats, Same Zombie Killing Duo

If last week’s promo for the new TWD series, Dead City, wasn’t enough to curb your insatiable appetite for human flesh, whoops, more information, fear not; the recently released full trailer gives lots of new info and promises tons of more scares. 

Newly Revealed Plot Information

Raiders attacked Maggie and kidnapped her son. She teams up with Negan to cross the river and enter Manhattan, the city in a permanent sleep. The horde here is massive, a million plus in number, and has overrun the city’s iconography. The undead aren’t all they fear, as a Wild West-style gang is hunting Negan, complete with an old-timey wanted poster and all. Maggie and Negan soon meet up with survivors who tell them there is no way off the island. 

The two people in power seem to be an older man and woman, possibly a couple. It’s unclear what their role is, or how much power they have; however, they are seemingly responsible for Hershel’s kidnapping and live in what appears to be formerly Upper East Side penthouses. 

Between the two, the lead antagonist is clearly “The Croat,” a wealthy man who appears to be conducting scientific experiments on the walkers. He is the one seen about to torture Hershel, Maggie’s son. His experiments may or may not be the reason for the monstrous new addition to the Walker clan.

Dead City

Featured at the end of the trailer, a new walker appears to be a spider-like Frankensteined creation with multiple appendages. Terrifying and grotesque, it’s a wonder how many of these things are in the series, and more importantly, how the do you kill a walker with multiple heads? Which is the kill shot? Can their modified nail guns be enough to take it out? With zip lines, a walker-infested UFC Octagon (which would make a badass video game, Fight Night Round Z, anyone?), and a mother risking it all to save her son, expect anything to happen this season.

The New Look 

Be prepared to be bathed in teal lighting during any nighttime scenes. Luckily, the scenes set during the day aren’t as heavily filtered. The wasteland aesthetic fits Manhattan strangely well. From the ruined Grand Central Terminal to the explosions at Madison Square Garden, the scale of the destruction is epic and reinforces the dangers they face.

A few years ago, Manhattan as a wasteland felt unthinkable; now, after having lived through the pandemic, it feels all too real. Tune into AMC on June 18th for the season premiere of Dead City. 

Dead City

The Walking Dead: Dead City (2023) Official AMC Trailer

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